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Business Overgrowth of hair around our eyebrows is intolerable and only makes the arches look unwontedly thicker. You will surely not love that look of your lovely arches. And when we are talking about hair growth, we mean what is seen between eyelids and forehead and is most commonly referred to as unibrows. If eyebrows are not done on a regular basis like what we follow about a spa massage or brushing teeth, growth of unwanted hair will make the face look darker. To ensure that you dont catch the horrible look of your eyebrows in the mirror, unwanted hairs must be removed. And you dont need to make fuss over plucking hairs as stainless steel eyebrow slant tweezer will solve your problem. Tweezers A Perfect Tool There is no doubt about it that a tweezers are the perfect tool to shape up your eyebrows. However, you will raise your eyebrows in surprise to know that there is nothing like perfect tweezers. Preference varies from person to person and also depends on pockets. Tweezers come in different shapes, sizes and prices and it is their performance that makes them superior to others. Here are some of the most popular eyebrow tweezers for your selection: Straight: Such tweezers feature a straight edge and a large surface area at the fingertip. With it, you can efficiently pick up hair. Compared to pointed tweezers, the straight versions are much easier to use as there is less chance for the soft skin around the eyes or on forehead to be pierced. This kind of tweezers can eliminate multiple hairs simultaneously. Pointed: These tweezers feature a needle-nose point for perfect grabbing of hairs in the eyebrows. However, there is a bigger disadvantage of using pointed tweezers. If you have never used such tweezers and dont feel comfortable while using the same, avoiding it makes a better choice. Pointed tweezers are sharp enough and if you dont have good vision and lack of expertise or there is poor lighting, the tweezers could pierce the skin around the eyebrows. Hand-pointed tweezers are a far better option and can easily reach the almost invisible hairs. Slanted: They have a 45-degree alignment at the edges and are hand-filed, enabling you to grab hairs in eyebrows in an even way. They feature both straight and pointed tip. This type is more popular among the users. The slanted tip helps you get the precision like the pointed tweezers while you will also enjoy the speed and comfort provided by the straight tweezers. Slanted tweezers made of stainless steel make the best choice. Stainless Steel Eyebrow Slant Tweezers are not expensive, but feature a stylish look. They can be handled with much of ease and most importantly, they are immune to rusting. You can easily wash them with plain water. Personal upkeep of eyebrows is much more affordable, but you need to learn how to shape your eyebrows. The difference in cost of the tweezers is due to the material used in the making of it and how perfectly it can do the job. Just take the right pick and give your eyebrows a perfect shape in keeping with your facial features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: