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Supply and demand pressures appear to chase more than the risk of goods Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: WeChat, a German public exchange in September, China cyanine   official manufacturing PMI was 50.4%, unchanged from August. Caixin manufacturing PMI rebounded to 50.1%, in line with expectations, the domestic manufacturing industry showed a steady expansion of the situation. 9 months of Mining Manufacturing PMI new orders index fell to 50.9%, manufacturing the slowdown in demand growth is mainly affected by the decline of domestic demand. And in September to accelerate the expansion of large enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain contraction, showed that the effect of small and medium-sized enterprises at present by the decline in demand is more obvious, is expected to 9 real estate investment or continue to decline, but the investment in infrastructure or growth, fiscal expenditure is expected to further increase. The September manufacturing output growth accelerated mainly by the effect of extended pre orders demand growth, growth in demand pressure growth in the context of future output expansion efforts or will weaken the manufacturing industry supply and demand growth is expected to average will fall. September manufacturing new export orders index rose from contraction to expand the range of imports since the second growth since March. In September due to the depreciation of the dollar against the renminbi, and the overall CRB index rose, September imports rebounded sharply or mainly affected by the accelerated expansion of manufacturing output, while the demand is expected to weaken the condition, lack of basic output of continuous expansion, import growth will not continue. Manufacturing new orders index continued to rise in the past two months, and since the second half of global economic recovery related. But in September the United States manufacturing expansion is slowing down, and the current global expansion in the manufacturing sector, there is also an expansion in output faster than demand phenomenon indicates that our foreign demand growth is still a lack of continuity, September manufacturing import and export rebound would have difficulty continuing. 9 months of Mining Manufacturing PMI high raw material purchase price index continued to rise, but gains narrowed significantly, PMI manufacturing purchasing index fell, inventory accelerated contraction, procurement on the purchase price of supporting function is weakened, in restocking hopeless situation, the purchase price or will increase the pressure drop. PPI is expected in September will continue to rise, but the intensity will be significantly weakened. The September manufacturing PMI data show that the economic growth of domestic demand pressures began to appear, the improvement in external demand is difficult to continue, and there are signs of internal economic pressure transfer to the enterprise production, which makes the short-term economic growth under pressure, while restricting the industrial product prices rise, the pressure of economic and price inflation expectations stable under the conditions of policy the overall will remain loose, under this background, the bond market fundamentals remain relatively strong, but commodity prices is still large, short-term chase high risk. A steady expansion in the manufacturing sector in September, China official manufacturing PMI (in Mining Manufacturing PMI) was 50.4%, unchanged from August (see Figure 1), in line with market expectations. Finance new manufacturing PMI9 rebounded from 0.1% to 50.1% (see Figure 2), is expected to show a steady expansion of domestic manufacturing situation of 50.1%. theory相关的主题文章: