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SUV which is one of three strong ace to give you the answer – car Sohu SUV in recent years because of its wide body comfort, good vision and characterized by excellent in domestic, widely favored by consumers, there are more and more people will buy their own preferred frames in SUV. According to the relevant data show that in September this year, the national SUV sales have reached 803 thousand and 700 units, compared with 2013 sales have turned a full three, visible SUV in the hearts of the people of great charm. Faced with a wide range of SUV on the market, how should we choose? Especially with the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people have big space and high level and configuration of the whole traffic capacity as a factor in choosing a SUV key consideration, in the entry level and many compact SUV is difficult to meet these conditions, the Car Buying targeted at SUV in the budget, set in the 20-30 million yuan range, in order to be able to enjoy more functions should be SUV. At this level, the SUV camp Jeep free light, Buick keangkewei and Volkswagen Tiguan, as the ace of the three models, naturally into people’s sight to choose a car. So, it can be said that each has its own characteristics of these three models, how to ace one of the three? Professional high-end city SUV Jeep free light a year to build one hundred thousand sales myth as SUV master class brand, after 75 years of Jeep has always been to create a professional brand SUV as purpose, developed an SUV product, become the leading real standard the definition of SUV. As the first domestic Jeep models, the free light gene inherited the classic brand of high-end, technology, quality, depth to meet the mainstream demand for cars, make the professional high-end city of SUV has been highly recognized and affirmed the domestic consumers, just one year’s time, created one hundred thousand sales brisk performance. In September of this year sales approaching million units, ranked 20-30 million price range of five joint venture SUV three former sales, become the city level SUV professional choice. Free light inherited the family 75 years of professional car concept, seven angle waterfall grille and front face, domineering yet delicate; slender headlamps also make the car a bit more sci-fi, recognition is not generally high. From the side view, it is not the common plane, but with a folded surface of artful design, make it visually more fashionable and dynamic, it is this bold breakthrough in the spirit to create a new aesthetic fashion brand, compared to the Tiguan Volkswagen family Facebook and keangkewei relatively moderate feeling, free light look equipped with professional 4WD style. The professional dogged persistence, a foundation is Jeep free light over the years has been the location of the face. Anything else, since this year, Guangzhou Fick’s Jeep liberty light in the market just a year, sales have exceeded one hundred thousand mark, this is the charm of Jeep. As a professional grade city SUV, Jeep free light is robust through performance and dynamic performance相关的主题文章: