Taiwan, a university survey found that the room to put on the computer Internet Addiction ssdao

A survey found that Taiwan university computer room: children Internet Addiction – Beijing, according to Taiwan media reports, put the computer in children or young people in the room, so they easily develop bad behavior on the Internet, and even game addiction! This conclusion is Taiwan Asia University "Internet addiction treatment center" research team survey, and officially announced in the International Symposium on the school suggested that parents should be placed in the public space of computer, prevention of adolescent Internet addiction. According to reports, vice president and director of the Taiwan Internet addiction treatment center "Ke Huizhen pointed out that the team last year for primary and middle school students Internet usage survey, found in the primary and secondary school students, the computer placed rate 11.8%, the room is not placed in the computer room addiction addiction rate was 6.2%, while in the middle part of the room. Put the computer addiction rate of 14.2%, not to put the computer addiction rate was 11.4%. Ke Huizhen analysis, children or adolescents personal room if there is a special computer, so that they are easier to cause online games and bad network usage, especially some face, the room can be locked, more intimate, more likely to make them addicted to the Internet, the computer will advise parents placed in the study, living room or other public space visible within the family a, can reduce and avoid internet addiction. Taiwan Asia University pointed out that in the days before the Taiwan Internet addiction prevention Institute held 2016 annual meeting of the International Symposium on digital era, how to help children develop healthy network are discussed with good habits, and put forward the team for the 841 students tracking survey found that the height of game addiction will develop more bullying and called for attention.相关的主题文章: