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Telecommunications fraud routine deep? Anti fraud experts give you support weapon –IT– original title: Telecommunications fraud routine? 360 anti fraud experts to give you support a move in new network on 8 September, your tail number 2112 card 31 14:27 mobile phone bank expenditure (MPF backlog) 5700 yuan, balance of $54,39. [] recently, industrial and Commercial Bank of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou citizens Mr. Xu received a send to "95588" in the name of the message, and then received a self proclaimed "commercial bank customer service phone, said the banking system shows someone using his bank card consumption, and that in order to ensure the safety of funds that money will be returned to Mr. Xu’s Bank account. After obtaining the trust of Mr. Xu, customer service is very urgent to say within two minutes to help the money back, or they will not come back. At the same time, customer service also let Mr. Xu told the phone received SMS verification code. After a few minutes, Mr. Xu began to receive a bank transaction message, seeing the money has been out of all, Mr. Xu realized he suffered a telephone fraud, hurried to the bank to report and report the loss, but the final account of the balance of only 27.14 yuan. After checking, the victim is the first online banking account be crooks steal, through online banking fund based deposit business (the business does not need SMS verification code), for making balance to reduce the false. Then, a liar phone disguised as customer service, that help in the acquisition of a refund, the victim opened e paid SMS verification code, for the opening of E payment services, the use of mobile phone banking clients a key payment function, steal online banking the money. Talking about the experience of being cheated, Mr. Xu is still a lingering fear, but the encounter is not a case of Mr. xu. September 7th, 360 in Beijing released the country’s first telecommunications fraud analysis report based on large data analysis – the analysis of the situation of the 2016 China Telecom fraud report. The report shows that, in all the phone calls received by the user, the most false financial fraud, accounting for 43.2%, such fraud in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other large cities in particular. Followed by identity fraud, accounting for 25.2%. All kinds of false business promotion phone is also a large number of users Tucao phone fraud type. 360 basic types of telephone fraud distribution company chief anti fraud expert Dr. Pei Zhiyong suggested that the public should pay attention to the following points in the face of similar Mr Xu such telephone fraud means, to avoid criminals take advantage of "virtual" in. The 1 encounter online banking account abnormal changes, verify should immediately dial the bank’s official customer service phone, can not believe that any initiative to call, claiming to be the customer’s phone number. 2 online banking password must be set enough complex, must not use too simple password, and online banking code should be modified at least once every six months. 3 any bank or formal business organization will not ask the user for a password, authentication code and other information, this information can not be provided to anyone else. In recent years, telecommunications fraud means evolving相关的主题文章: