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The 230 thousand mother pension money hidden in the radio when dad was broken to sell 230 thousand yuan of money hidden in a waste in the radio, the radio was Dad accidentally sold. Over the past few days, Lee’s family in Wuxue has experienced the joy and joy of the two days. Finally with the help of the police under 230 thousand yuan. The 13 day, Li Popo will be the red banner to the public security bureau. According to reports, September 9th at 8 pm, who lives in Wuxue city at the age of 64, Lee mother go out to buy food and exercise has not come home, when one of the women to the District waste collection, his wife Li Popo will be home box, mineral water bottles, waste electrical appliances sold, but he did not know Li Popo will be more than 23 yuan cash hidden in the old radio, was sold as scrap together. On the same day at 9:10 pm, Lee mother bought food back to home, about the incident, anxious like ants on a hot pan, a cold sweat, quickly and his wife came to Wuxue city police station Qing Lin covered with confusion, ask the police for help. When the police station on duty to comfort the police Lee, they do not worry too much, while visiting the masses to see if someone knows the woman who received waste. 10 minutes passed, and in the past 30 minutes, the past 1 hours passed…… Time is passing by in a minute. Finally, hard work pays off, the police visited a crowd when the other said, there is a woman surnamed Mei often come here to collect waste products, features and the police described the very similar. The various search, the police finally found the old lady Mei, but she said that morning received waste has been sold to the recycling station, police immediately drove to the acquisition of Mei said the acquisition station, station Tao boss is the waste pack, he didn’t know this pile of waste would have 230 thousand yuan in cash. The police had come after, Tao boss and the police together in a big push to find scrap in the waste paper box in Li Popo and the waste electrical appliances, open the old radio cover, there is a white bag, 23 yuan cash stack stack installed in the intact. See more than 23 yuan in cash, the acquisition station Tao boss also shocked: "every day I have to collect a few tons of waste, if one or two hours later, the waste all the packaging, it is very difficult to find, thanks to the police promptly rushed to." When the police will be more than 23 yuan in cash. She returned to the hands of Li Popo, and his wife moved to tears kept falling back: "if money is not found, we don’t want to live." Then, two old man pulled out a wad of cash to thank the police and rag Mei and Tao boss, but they declined. According to police, Li Popo and his wife had a son and a daughter, his wife is a retired worker, her daughter has married, and often a sick son, this is her 23 yuan and his wife saved up for decades, to cure his son and his pension, Lee mother hid the money in the old radio that is enough to put money in the bank access trouble. Another son often need money to cure, and is not safe to hide money in other places, so Li Popo will be an old radio home inside parts removed, and then use a woven bag wallet, hidden in the radio, did not tell his wife, did not think Daddy will hide huge radio as scrap for generations相关的主题文章: