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The beauty of life | "loaded" into the Wine Cup – Sohu and Abstract: see through the Wine cup scenery is the flavor, even more charming. The wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) as we carefully picked up some wine through photographs, beauty is intoxicating wine. I have seen many beautiful scenery, but have you seen the beauty of the wine cup? Now, there is such a group of creative wine lovers, they are tasting wine, enjoy the scenery, while the brain hole open, will be a variety of beauty into the glass. Source: Lifeisphoto image source: Tumblr has seen many times the sunset, but also tried to use the lens to capture the beauty of the sunset. Wine and gorgeous sunset in clear glass embrace together, have a good painting in wine! Source: Tumblr image source: HubPages incense in the rhyme, clear very cold. Suddenly understand why the ancients see beauty, always can not help but recite a few poems. Source: imikimi roses, sunrise, sea gulls and sailing, a variety of scenery in a map. With this thought, I wear. Photograph: there was so clever mind World Press world, actually will be pouring Wine and around the scenery so just perfect fusion, it seems there are many artists in many Wine. Source: Flicke image source: Upsocl image source: OneEyeland this a few photos, is definitely going to learn. If you don’t want to take photos of the tourists who are not interested, then use the wine and wine glasses. Photograph: Buzzfeed photojoeblog photograph: drinking pictures, can not feed the dog. A cup, a lifetime. As long as the heart, a glass of wine can create the ultimate romantic. So the wedding, envy others. Photos to share here, I want to drink immediately set out to take pictures. Love wine is a lens control of small partners can also try a try, and then take a moment to share their work oh. To select? 2008 Vintage Latour Fort King secret life? I love life more wine? Bordeaux, you make me mentally drunk wine-world is red wine world network official WeChat, click on the bottom of the menu, understand the latest information, search the wine winery, wine knowledge in line inspection. Join the wine world and share the wine life!相关的主题文章: