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Network-Marketing There is one important element to each of the top MLM .panies and it is not what you think it is. All of the .panies that have been around for 10 years plus and have tens of thousands of distributors have this same successful business formula. This is the same formula that many big fortune 500 .panies use to create their mega profits. Some of these .panies do in excess of a billion dollars in sales annually and are global .panies that do sales around the world. The business model that the top MLM .panies use is retail products and imbed the opportunity into the .pany literature and information. There are actual real products that are introduced to the consumer in some way to earn their business as a happy excited customer first and then the introduction to the opportunity is woven into the process. Top MLM .panies like Pampered Chef founded by Doris Christopher use a home party plan to let customers experience seeing and using their time-saving kitchen tools. The rep talks with each guest and helps them place orders. The rep offers incentives for each guest to host their own home party and gives each guest info about the opportunity. The formula: Experience product-excited customer-introduction of opportunity in process. Top MLM .panies like NuSkin International have products so good that even when distributors stop doing the business they continue to use the products. NuSkin has a high quality line of skin care and nutrition products. Many of the products can be sampled and experienced by customers and this is the same formula as above and has helped them go over a billion in sales and sell their products in many countries around the world. Other top MLM .panies like Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Nature’s Sunshine. and Nikken use this same formula of imbedding their opportunity in the process of retailing a real product. A point worth mentioning here is the price point of the products is in line with the marketplace pricing. The most important element is still the fact there are real products that can be sampled or experienced by the consumer and retailed first and the opportunity is embedded in the process. There are other top MLM cmpanies out there. These were mentioned to help make the point. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: