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The growth of children is to accompany, not used for the Sohu, now a lot of maternal adults to children as a tool, to their face, and forced the child, the child does not respect, but do not know, this is actually a heart to destroy children. In order to let the children to parents really fuck rise head and shoulders above others, broken heart, what things are good for the children to do, even the children, the future design of a good. But the reality asked us: those ideas and practices you, conform to the needs of the society and the growth of children? What are even prepared for the children, you can really make life for the children to go all the way? The world’s longest road is the road of life. On the road of life, everyone has their own mission. So, what is the mission of the parents to do the child’s close friends, to accompany the child to go a long way. But some parents forget your child with " " mission, but to dominate the " with " a " for ", " " supporting; as the protagonist " ". The primary school children, for children to pack, schoolbag; children to college, for the children to carry luggage, bed; children to go on an outing for the children in the car to grab the " " seat; the child to enter the University, for the children to choose the school, choose a professional; children attend classes, interest classes for children…… No wonder people say that the child has a little of what the most busy parents. The parents of the child’s future design in the best of spirits, but the children feel miserable. Parents anxious for the children to spend money, for children, but children not only do not appreciate, but the feeling of being loved " " half alive;. We really should think calmly, we let the children learn this to learn that the child is not willing to learn, do not want to learn, do not learn, we are not white money. " " and " force " what’s behind it?. In the past people together than to eat, wear, more than money, more advanced than household appliances, and now it has developed to a child. Who’s more than a child on the key schools, than the children who got a high score, than the parents of their children on the expectations of the university…… The child’s academic achievement as an ornament, as to show off the capital. Vanity is a terrible thing, parents vanity will bring harm to children. As a famous person said: " vanity is hard to say is a kind of evil, but all evil is born around vanity, is nothing but a means to meet vanity. " we have to realize that the child is not a tool for parents, the child’s life is for the purpose of their own existence, parents just accompany the child to go a distance. And children grow up, I think no one is to learn to be a parent, are learning side of the. Children are not born to know how to do a child, parents and children have to see相关的主题文章: