The first private bank in central and Western China opened in Chongqing pullip

The Midwest’s first private bank China opened in Chongqing – Beijing, Beijing, August 26 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xian) the Midwest’s first private bank China bank opened on 26 in Chongqing. Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan said Chongqing is building an important functional financial center in china. The establishment of Fumin bank, to fill this gap, the provincial private bank. Chongqing Fumin bank registered capital of 3 billion yuan (RMB, same below), jointly initiated the establishment by the 7 Chongqing outstanding private enterprises. The main sponsor of SNG holdings is Chinese leading private inclusive financial group, H shares listed in the. Huang Qifan said that in recent years, Chongqing approved financial factoring, consumer finance and other licenses up to 25. From the banking system, the local state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks, foreign banks, local banks and rural banks. Fumin bank fills the gap at the provincial level of private banks. His analysis, enriching the bank’s shareholders, mostly in manufacturing enterprises, on the financing needs of the real economy is very understanding. People can rely on their banks in the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain leading position and resources, build more penetration of the inclusive financial ecosystem, the weakness of the real economy, provide more targeted, more convenient financial services, to inject fresh blood into the real economy. At the beginning of Chongqing became the only municipality in central and western, non-public economy accounted for only about 25%, 2015 has been increased to 62%, ranked the forefront of the country. Huang Qifan said, through enriching bank stage leveraging, Chongqing private enterprises cluster development can effectively boost. The chairman of the Bank of Chongqing Fumin Zhang Guoxiang expected, the next three years, the bank loans will reach 30 billion yuan, to support small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and more than 5 thousands of "three agriculture".相关的主题文章: