The gaming circle bubble will break the live get tide is coming soon sichen

The gaming circle bubble will break live get tide coming 8.8 CGWR score card booking | novice heroes Union area [source: Sina watch the tired driver] I’m logging Xie long ago to write a column of gaming and the broadcast industry, the real situation, did not dare to write, I do not want to offend people or subconscious. The circle of friends recently touted industry (of course, the ultimate goal is the soft start of a company touted) outrageous, all voting, ranking, data and presentation hypocrisy of people speechless, and now look at the neutral third party consultant regardless of reputation for the benefit of the business has already issued a false report, let people can not help but remember that Cao Ai Rui wrote for flute in the research, then it is a stream. In short, our industry has been expanding outrageous. The hot summer night in Shanghai beibaoxing road’s lobster (also known as gaming, dining hall) you can often hear a dialogue like this: "XX said let me 5 million in the past, they are not silly X ah, XX platform to open at least 8 million. You look at that who XXX, went to the XX platform are 6 million, I have to go up at least 20%, "XXX actually also the 6 million? Can you take me to the XX platform, I want not much, 5 million on the line, how do you want to quit, XX platform will let you go?" "It’s now not in the job, you see who do something wrong, the contract with waste paper as" the next topic is a sports car and a woman, a popular hair. Two years ago the company from the business start, then broadcast platform has not begun to burn, all rely on selling Taobao video for a living, business is done fast. A year ago, we talked about a few anchors together to talk about the company’s electricity supplier cooperation, we heard the opposite side of the net profit of about yuan per month when the direct laugh out loud, "30 thousand a month? That would be better than not ". Of course, there is no talk about cooperation, the company was forced to start the transformation of the electricity supplier to the brokerage business. Prior to this impetuous industry, I was engaged in mergers and acquisitions and financing of financial advisers, I can not tell when the bubble burst in the financial industry, what is the highest point of the stock market, which is too difficult. But now I am clearly aware of the cooling system has been paid to the broadcast industry, the entire industry – anchor, brokerage firms, CP side, who can not escape. Broadcast platform get tide is coming, and is based on the communication platform, on the capital market (platform financing) to make compensation to pay the actual situation and so on judgment. The second half of 2014 to now, the market price is determined by the relation between supply and demand, when the anchor is a scarce resource, retired occupation players price tag for 1 million 500 thousand years, 500 thousand now can not find the platform sign, because the "price" is to "value" regression. Platform dependent anchor traffic is becoming a platform for relying on the popularity of traffic anchor. Now and the platform to talk about the chip is only a handful of traffic and the content of the high quality of the head of the anchor, the other precipitation less or the end of the life cycle of the anchor are.相关的主题文章: