The global super rich from fam, New Zealand lonely sea into selling technology Sohu winbook

The global super rich from fam, New Zealand lonely sea into selling Sohu [Technews] technology science news many people of their innate shortcomings are very concerned about, but many features of this thought is the shortcomings, a change of time and space environment, but often become advantages. Born today Kyrgyzstan "Shixian" Li Bai, the famous works "in the said:" I am born to be useful, the daughter also cleared to resume." New Zealanders are feeling this way. In the past, New Zealand people think their lonely sea, relatively isolated, affect economic development, reducing the willingness of foreign investment, but, as the world becomes a mess, full of terrorist attacks and the economic crisis, New Zealand was isolated and relatively unaffected by these global chaos, and live a life light of heart from care has become a major advantage, but. The global super rich class envy of the people of New Zealand, have to avoid the troubles of the world. The risk of Vc firms (Doric Capital) Doric capital founder Mike Knock (Michael Nock) is a New Zealand after remote advantage of one of the super rich, he held in 2008 the global financial turmoil to the death of fam in New Zealand established area of 2 hectares of homes, which also converted a barn for art studio. He said that in the past the distance of violence has been an obstacle to the development of New Zealand, but it is also the power of New Zealand in the distance, let more and more turbulent world become a paradise. Like the super rich not only Michael nock, investment industry veteran Julian · Robertson (Julian Robertson), Bill Foley (William P. Foley II), controversial investor Peter Tell (Peter Thiel), the Russian steel magnate Alexander · Bo Lamo J (Alexander Abramov), a well renowned director James Cameron, also came to the New Zealand millions of dollars worth of a manor. Even Alibaba Ma Yun also said New Zealand wanted to purchase, and Ma Yun 40 years old colleagues, at least 20 people have been to New Zealand after retirement. Immigration New Zealand not only increased remoteness and low population density is a big advantage, New Zealand area is two times in England, has a population of only 1/10, New Zealand cattle than people twice, and democratic environment in the global top ten, not politically corrupt, and fairly stable over the past 17 years. Only 2 people’s political life, calm and satisfaction, there is a violent conflict, dates back to 1985, the French intelligence officers detonated a Greenpeace ship docked in Oakland harbour. In business, in 2016 more than Singapore to become the world’s best business countries. World political and economic turmoil makes New Zealand more attractive. British referendum decided to take off the day of the European Union, New Zealand received 998 applications for immigration, 109 times more than the previous day increased by more than 9 times, and after June 23, 2016 reported相关的主题文章: