The National Day golden week Ningxia to over 2 million 470 thousand people tourism revenue of

The National Day golden week Ningxia to over 2 million 470 thousand people   tourism revenue of nearly 130 million yuan, the travel channel in October 7th, I learned from Ningxia Tourism Bureau, October 1st -7, the main scenic spots in the region a total of 2 million 475 thousand and 600 tourists, scenic operating income of 127 million 356 thousand and 800 yuan, with the growth of 19.02% and 15.62% don’t score. According to statistical analysis, the main source of tourists from Shaanxi, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Sichuan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Guangdong, and other provinces and cities. This year "eleven" is the first National Day (the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) became the provincial tourism demonstration area in the global. The vast majority of scenic tours, tours and individual reception accounted for more than 95% of the total number of self driving. Shahu and the Shapotou scenic area on the 2 and 3 one-day reception respectively driving vehicles more than 10 thousand vehicles, zhenbeipu Western studios every day on a car more than 5000 motorcycles. Among them, zhenbeipu Western studios reception 180 thousand and 600 passengers, ticket sales 14 million 834 thousand yuan, an increase of 30.86% and 20.60% respectively. Only in October 3rd, Credit Suisse zhenbeipu Western studios town and received a total of 46 thousand and 900 tourists, tourism revenue 4 million 55 thousand yuan. Various scenic spots launched a number of activities to attract tourists to participate in. Shapotou scenic area put forward to build a "desert Disney", there are scenic spots of big bear bear two "head" and other cartoon characters and kids interactive games and entertainment for tourists with car flow a performance; the Chinese Hui Culture Garden launched the naked eye 3D light show, creative fireworks and local bands the show, attracted nearly 20 thousand visitors to the the Yellow River building; light show from August 27th to October 27th, become the Wuzhong City and the surrounding tourist resort tour, as at 7 October, tourists more than 5 people; the Grand Canyon of the Yellow River Qingtongxia push out "the most beautiful autumn? Happy travel activities; zhenbeipu Western studios and zhenbeipu spa the town merged to promote, the formation of red wine, spa, hotel, delicacy and deduction is one of the experiential tourism and leisure resort, October 3rd only 46 thousand and 900 tourists , tourism income 4 million 55 thousand yuan…… At the same time, romantic flowers, rice, and other agricultural and rural picking farm experience rural tourism leisure 10493. According to statistics, the National Day holiday, the region received a total of 376 thousand and 300 tourists farmhouse, operating income of $24 million 623 thousand and 300, an increase of 99.32% and 178.14%, respectively. Related news: 180 thousand people National Day holiday tour of Shahu in October 7th, the author from the Ningxia Shahu scenic spot, National Day, national 5A level scenic spots, Chinese ten charm of Ningxia wetland, Shahu a total of nearly 180 thousand tourists, an increase of 6.8% over the same period last year, a record high of tourists. It is reported that, in order to meet the eleven tourism boom, Shahu scenic ahead of deployment, ready to start. Ahead of the strengthening of marketing, Shahu team rushed to Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Beijing and other places, the use of local well-known television, radio, new media and other channels, full coverage of the great promotion, a great impetus to the相关的主题文章: