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The new wealth of canvassing new routine: China Merchants Securities is not recommended to write education guide sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my original title: new wealth canvassing new routines, not recommended not judged, others began to worry about the housework!   from WeChat public Chinese brokerage author Liang Xue in recent years, each new wealth selection, from the beginning of August will have a big variety of brokerage research and national great in strength and impetus entertainment style of worship ticket publicity. Brokers Chinese reporters circle of friends at this time, the screen will be full of new wealth"! However, this year, given the regulatory supervision of brokerage research has been overweight, brokerage Institute recently seemed quite quiet, this is also a kind of worship the ticket quietly taste. In a word, tighter regulation, our brokerage Research Institute also began to go to the elegant line! Movement is small, but this idea is still active. This is not the way of the small team of China Merchants Securities in the new wealth of votes, in the evening of September 12th, bright played a "practical intimate" brand, launched a grand opening season tribute: "Shanghai young liter small, small rise early" covers the full interpretation, Shanghai young liter small, small rise at the beginning of a variety of policy studies, school dicing, registration process etc.. It is said that, ah, this card is also a good effect of the launch, this part of the new wealth of votes to worship the research report has been a lot of people in the industry, especially in the private sector in Shanghai, the industry’s enthusiastic pursuit of a mother. In this small series can not help but OS: This is the legendary "throw me with peach, plum (Piao) (TIPS)". The Swiss researchers enough ah! So, your investment in this issue of the Shanghai chapter, is there a sequel ah? Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen???? The chief at the small cap team highlights China Merchants Securities this more than and 70 page copious and fluent "Shanghai area entrance guide", although by the time of the year but missed the entrance, the heart also can be said to Cheng, for later next year when entering "canon" use. The study begins with the research team chief straight from the heart, said, "the new wealth vote in the small merchants Dong Rui Bin first team!" The chief message, in order to let this with a conventional sense of the securities fundamental education guide does not take the above name to Yan Shun, with such a logic: this research like this ah practice, investment research is in the sea, the sea is a mapping of the whole society. How complex the economy and the participants are and how complex the investment research is. Actually, a face of the refraction education guide the society, we can also consider researcher. "Butterfly wings may bring in the tempestuous waves, each occupation person is the captain, we have extraordinary courage, intelligence and physical strength, constantly fighting with uncertainty." The research team said, this literary grace and height of the thought is good, then resolve, "we insist on careful research, abandon the seemingly glamorous mirage, hype for navigation beacon for everyone." Our research team is a lighthouse, the theory of the party相关的主题文章: