The only state-owned banks in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be included in the list of five Asian misao

The only Korean state-owned banks will be included in the "Macao Asia five" list of Sohu financial banks will be included in the "Han Hong Kong Macao Asia five" netizen curse: have an ulterior motive [Global Times correspondent in South Korea Wang Wei] South Korea NEWS1 website reported on 8, the sister Lee silver bank credit card advertising for Taiwan, Hongkong and the China Macao three area known as the "country" triggered a huge controversy. At the Seoul subway station on the ad, five hands holding a red Woori Bank credit card, respectively, Chinese sleeves the Japanese flag, the flag of the Macao SAR, Hongkong SAR Chinese, and Taiwan China "fine day flag". The letter reads: "credit cards welcomed by five Asian countries". Reported that, 7, the ad on the Internet in China and the rapid spread of anger. Some netizens said: if you want to do business in China to make money, it is necessary to show the least respect for china". Some netizens questioned whether the advertising "have an ulterior motive". There are Chinese and international students in Korea to cancel the Woori Bank credit card. "NEWS1 said," because "Sade", China on the Korean public opinion has deteriorated, now the advertising once again become the negative factors of relations between korea. Woori Bank is South Korea’s second national commercial banks, South Korea is also the only state-owned banks. On the afternoon of 7, certified as Woori Bank (China) Co., micro-blog users "Woori Bank Chinese" issued a solemn statement, said the advertisement for the false advertisement, South Korea is the International Union branch without card limited agreement with Woori unauthorized release of advertising, and to the majority of consumers China apology. But that night, the micro-blog was deleted. A new statement said, "now this case investigation". 8, certified as UnionPay International Co. Ltd. micro-blog users "Cup International said, verified, this advertisement for the subway advertising agency in the UnionPay advertising gap Self Publishing, the material is printed by. China UnionPay, said, as going out of Chinese enterprises, in cooperation with foreign institutions and business promotion, always adhere to the one China principle. "NEWS1" is quoted as saying in Woori Bank stakeholders, if the future will suffer a great loss because of this, the advertising company to court.相关的主题文章: