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The output value accounted for 17 of global China pushed Shenzhen International Consumer Electronics Show landed local time on September 2nd, the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA2016) held in Berlin in Germany, the IFA attracted a total of more than and 700 Chinese exhibitors, compared with previous years, unabated. The situation is so hot, also promoted the Chinese international consumer electronics show project landing. September 1st afternoon, China International Consumer Electronics Show Trading Center (referred to as CEEC) launching ceremony held in Shenzhen. CEEC is jointly built by Shenzhen Futian investment and development company, industry land limited, Shenzhen SEG Limited by Share Ltd. As early as April 8, 2016, the Ministry of industry and the Shenzhen signed a framework agreement to build China International Consumer Electronics Show Trading center. The completion of the project site, the formation of operating companies and other preparatory work at present, it is reported that China Merchants officially entered the stage, CEEC is located in the city of deep industry LOFT, construction area of about 40 thousand square meters, with LOFT as the core industry city. The target is the linkage of Huaqiang North business district to create a set of high-end consumer electronic products, exhibition, user experience, investment negotiations and cooperation trading five trading center. CEEC general manager Liu Zhijun in an interview with reporters, said CEEC did not want to compete or replace the electronic trading platform in the world, "because the consumer Chinese is very developed, but not a platform to carry this function. So we want to make a little noise in this area." According to public information, the three shareholders of the CEEC project are state-owned enterprises. Shumyip Land Ltd. for deep industry group’s focus on the development of commercial real estate real estate enterprises. Industry Group Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Municipal People’s government has a comprehensive enterprise group in Shenzhen City, the state-owned assets supervision and administration of the governing group, the real estate industry. Shenzhen SEG Limited by Share Ltd by the four shareholders of Shenzhen state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, China Huarong Asset Management Co, Chellona Orient Asset Management Corp, Asset Management Co China the Great Wall funded the establishment of a limited liability company. Shenzhen Futian investment and Development Co., Ltd., is a wholly state-owned enterprise of Futian District government of Shenzhen. CEEC the location of the deep industry city, as industry land limited project. "Shareholder goals are consistent with the government’s goals, and will not put short-term interest in the first place. We have to do it well, the future platform to do, to their own blood, survival, Liu Zhijun repeatedly stressed that this is a national platform, non enterprise. Data show that in 2015 the total output value of Shenzhen electronic information industry reached 14970 yuan, accounting for about 1/7 of the country’s total. But always think to mention Shenzhen electronic, Huaqiang North copycat goods. "The most popular place is Huaqiang North copycat goods. In essence, the government is hoping that it will be more and more regular, authentic road." Liu Zhijun explained that CEEC did not intend to lead all the high-end electronic consumption in Shenzhen, but hope to guide the electronic products authentic, standardized. It is understood that the CEEC will set up a flagship Museum, museum, Theme Pavilion, the new release features the top floor area, exhibition area, short-term seven function business negotiation area, leisure area.相关的主题文章: