The Secret Wedding Files Finally

Marriage-Wedding There are 610 words in 36 sentences and 8 paragraphs! From the weird, strange, and bizarre files (The W Files) locked safely away in our vault in a secured secret facility rumored to be somewhere in the Nevada badlands, I found a file full of strange wedding facts while looking for a half eaten snickers bar I laid down and forgotten. Not only did I manage to sneak the file home for this article, the candy bar was still good, believe it…or not. Before the secret W (for Weddings) police break down my door, I want to let you in on some of these little known facts. These are not the weird wedding favors or unique wedding favors facts that you have heard people whisper about in dark restaurants, huddled in a booth in the back. No, these are the weird events and strange traditions that until now were locked away. Read on and get in on the secrets of Weird Wedding Facts or Fiction. See if you can tell which is fact and which is fiction! Fact or Fiction You have heard of cradle robbers, those pathetically wealthy, dirty old men, who take brides that are 20 to 50 years younger than they are. Well, guess what. Men are not the only ones who participate in this practice. There is a woman who married a man that was young enough to be her child. Separated by a whopping 19 years, this cradle-robbing temptress shocked everyone who knew her. Right now, you are probably thinking that this is not a big deal. What makes this information news worthy is that Minnie Monro was 102 and her groom was 83, effectively making them the oldest couple to be married, on record, at least. Fact or Fiction Some guys are really good at making excuses. They will delay the inevitable indefinitely while they either enjoy a freedom or protect a secret. These devious dudes really know how to wrap people around their fingers, and in this case, the third finger of their left hand. Postponing a wedding date for a legitimate reason is fine if it is done well in advance and if you were smart enough to hire flexible caterers, however, this couple, Octavio and Adriana Guillen were engaged for 67 years before they finally tied the knot. They were both 82 years old. As they came out of the church after the ceremony, I asked Octavio why they waited for so long he replied, "We wanted the wedding to be special" Then I asked if it was in fact special and worth the wait, he replied, "Was what worth the wait?" and I said, "Why, the wedding, of course!" Octavio thought for a minute and then shook my hands. "Congratulations!" he said, "It was a great wedding. I don’t know if you know this but, I’m engaged as well." Fact or Fiction It is a thrill to watch two people get married. It is astonishing to watch 21,000 couples get married, all at the same time. In the biggest wedding ever on the pla., that we know of anyways, (It is a safe bet.) all of these couples, plus 9,800 more via satellite were hitched and married at the exact same time. What is even more amazing is that of all these couples, 61,600 individuals in all, not a single one developed cold feet and bolted. "It was like a sea of black and white love," exclaimed one witness, obviously overwhelmed by the occasion. "It is amazing the amount of love in there." Would you like to know which of these facts are real and which are fictions? Well, that is why they made Google! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: