The Star Trek 3 Chinese director to create a space version of speed and passion – Beijing

The "Star Trek" 3 Chinese director to create a space version of "speed and passion" – Beijing by successfully created "speed and passion" series of Chinese director Lin Yibin, Simon Peggy and Doug Carl Jung?? co writer, brought together John? Zhao, Simon? Peggy, Chris Pyne, Zachary Quinto??, Zoe? Mr Dana, Carle, Anton Eugene, Keith?? Sophia? Baote Iraq pull and many other star Alba drese? Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars", on the mainland before being Chinese aggressively, the film has opened Friday consecutive day box office title, in the deserted "after summer" thriving. The film was released a week to excellent reputation, imaginative science fiction scenes and shocking action scenes, humorous style will let fans praised the successful continuation of the "Star Trek" classic series of half a century. In order to meet the needs of fans viewing, Shenyang evening news special to the film side, invited 20 readers to appreciate this "free fall" Hollywood blockbusters. The newspaper collection 20 readers watched the movie free is Shenyang’s major studios film, this weekend will still be the most popular film studios. The past few days in Shenyang every day nearly 800 row of film studios, box office output of more than 5 "ice age" "beast" and other parasitic in reflecting the 15 movie fans is the sum of excellent reputation. The newspaper together film paramount, invited 20 readers free to enjoy the film, and the time and place is not restricted! Interested to watch the fans, before 20 today, send your name and phone number, to the Ministry of culture mailbox sywbwhb@163, this newspaper will be randomly selected from the 10 readers, each sent out of the two Internet coupons. Lucky readers to be drawn in, can be used in view of time and date as optional studios before. Salute: the continuation of the classic tradition of "Star Trek 3" about the enterprise’s crew began to explore 5 years of journey, but in the way of stranded alien, suffered local race to kill the story. From 1966 to 2016, the "Star Trek" has been over half a century of the journey, a science fiction classic, than a "Vulcan salute" loyal fans all over the world. When the "Star Trek" was born 50 years, "Star Trek 3" added a lot of tribute elements, such as the alien race appeared in more than 50, Leonard Nimoy played Spock? The old version appeared in the film in a particular way, it is beyond count to the series before the classic salute color egg. There are fans watching this film on the Internet excited message: the more readily available, pay tribute to see the cry." "The" Star Trek "is really a kind of feelings, it gave me a lot of good hope." Light: action scenes shocking as Hollywood’s oldest science fiction series, "Star Trek" is the most admirable in each episode super shock action. The "Star Trek" 3 most exciting scenes, is the enterprise suffered colony enemy raids, the ship is damaged, the players and the enemy staged duel scene, Captain Kirk more incarnation of lone hero, crazy racing alone in enemy territory, these scenes are all made相关的主题文章: