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The stock market slump approach loses money to buy additional funds given more reliable financial Sohu – Sohu finance Tan Yuqing in September 22nd this year the Shanghai is 3185 points, the same day the Shanghai is 3042. A year later, the market toss to toss, and finally fell more than and 100 points. In Shouyang, into the quilt; the number of investors is the sluggish market get exhausted, stocks are not mind. Is it hard to make some money in the stock market? There is no suitable for our ordinary people’s investment products? Don’t worry sir, today I introduce to you this product is the current point the highest price of a product, which is set by the fund. Is not listening to the familiar, is the last guy special fire, let’s look at this is what. What is a fixed fund? The official definition is this: given the fund refers to the listed companies involved in the private placement of the fund, which is mainly invested in the non-public offering of listed companies investment fund. In fact, the listed companies are short of money, want to issue stock, but for various reasons do not want to publicly issue, but to give a discount to institutional investors or individual specific, which is a very important institution is the fund. Fund companies and then packaged into a fixed increase fund sold to ordinary investors. Because the general direct participation set by the institution or are extremely wealthy individuals, the threshold requires at least 1 million fund companies; and after packaged into this product set by the fund sold to ordinary investors after the threshold is not so high, often 1000 can be bought, and some companies through innovation, ordinary people use 100 yuan, 10 yuan can participate in the increased funds given to. So even the ordinary people can participate in the high-end market will increase to. Recently, the market is not good, the increase in the sale of products is particularly good, there are a lot of queuing waiting for the approval of the commission. So the question is, the fund will increase so why fire? Where exactly is it? The advantages of fixed fund? Said the merits of the fund do not say the other, because the people on the recognition of income, income is naturally favored. Then we will increase the market by historical data to speak. According to financial statistics on the grid show that since 2012, the overall average annual gain over 50% of the stock, exceeding the market index over the same period of nearly 45%. Not much to say, directly on the map: shocked the small partners. Force is not blowing, the key to performance. Set by the market average annual excess of 50% of high-yield, really attractive enough. If you buy a good fund to increase, but also in this market share. And one of the biggest advantages is that listed companies to sell these stocks when the discount. In other words, with respect to your direct purchase of shares in the two market, can be lower than the current market price to buy; from the general discount situation, generally less than 20% of the price as a given increase in the issue price. Cheap enough, for example, a stock is now the market price is 10 dollars a share, it will increase the issue price is about $8, which is about 20% of your safety pad..相关的主题文章: