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The "sword of the Han cloud" conference game IP magic sword – Sohu "sword of entertainment cloud of Han Dynasty" new posters first "sword of Han cloud" Wei Gan and Yang Zhenhua creative team in Le Yang first anniversary conference Sohu by the Shanghai new cultural entertainment group, Taiwan Daewoo information, Yue Yang film CO produced the "sword of the Han cloud" organized "special forces at the conference, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Jianing, Gao Weiguang, Li Zonglin, misty and other creative staff have arrived at the scene as the" sword of the Han cloud "campaign. It is reported that the "sword of the Han cloud" adapted from the Chinese game is a supreme IP, all the actors to create super Yan fantasy feast, Hengdian has attracted much attention since the boot. The three teams in the Warring States, ancient valiant warrior, around the ancient sword Xuanyuanjian launched a story of good and evil, shaping the national identity under the unusual knight spirit, has yet to launch detonated fans of the game’s enthusiasm. The Xuanyuan sword strikes, a trend which cannot be halted! Xuanyuan, Zhumu, sword Lingyun set the world. The conference site, the pursuit of high-quality drama is the spirit of the most vividly embodied. Full of Chinese ancient myth elements of the conference stage, the opening stage of great momentum, so that guests and watching the webcast early feel wonderful story. The main actors dressed in exquisite costumes, appeared on the stage show surprise, raising the audience screaming heatwave. In the dim is starring in a wheelchair with adhere to the present, the "special forces" is a profound friendship between. The whole conference magic and warm. The crew is a "Xuanyuan sword known as" the father of producer Cai Minghong and director Pan Wenjie the birthday, and announced that it would start the game again. At the same time, the scene exposed the first version of trailers and posters, trailers in a few minutes, then let the audience a taste of love fantasy, Sadomasochism style, good versus evil, love hate and many other elements. This is a series of surprises to the majority of fans to inject a shot in the arm. The combination of a YOUNG energy burst shortly before the film has magic music Yang Yang "anniversary celebration, Le Yang television founder Wei Gan has recommended TV drama" sword of Han cloud ", and together with the chairman of Shanghai new culture Yang Zhenhua introduced the project:" this is a popular ten the classic single game, "sword" series is worthy of the name of the super IP. Our entire team enabled are small meat and small flowers, light from the vision would have let people drool with envy." And Yang Zhenhua also said: "Le Yang is a very young company, I also saw many of their works. Today, we also see Wei Gan so fighting girls, I think we are very willing to work with such a young, explosive company, it will be better to look forward to." Such a powerful combination, to bring the audience what is not a YOUNG film and television works? Let us wait and see.相关的主题文章: