There is always a person, is your reason regardless of personal danger. autobots

There is always a person, you are the reason why the number of public attention regardless of personal danger "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: in the words of love are scavengers such words: some people, because of loneliness and the indulgence of one person, depicts a scattered journey with tears; but more people, because the indulgence of one person, and lonely life, with heart regret declared without words. There is always a person, is the reason you regardless of personal danger more grown up, the more afraid of loneliness, the more lonely, more afraid of love. There are always some people, obviously love each other, but not together. These years, whether you have loved, hurt, hate, do not easily believe in love, but is to avoid a regret. There is always a person, you are the reason why life is regardless of personal danger as a regrettable accumulation of sensational diary, who threatened to accompany you to walk the life of the people, always to the midway and then lost, some people like this, there is no sign of the love you, then I silently leave, left you alone wandering alone in the memories. Love someone, is your reason regardless of personal danger if the betrayal is a kind of courage, then betray you need to accept greater courage. No matter in a relationship, you love how deep, please don’t take who as your whole world, don’t capricious pay all, no matter how turbulent memories, Jingxiaxinlai you will find the time never noisy, life should be calm, no one who cannot do without, a lot of people at the end of the relationship no relationship is. There is always a person, no matter who is the reason you have no need to rely on regardless of personal danger, love, hair to stay for ten years in five minutes after cut, ten years of studying the knowledge of a graduate will be able to forget you, I was love ganchangcunduan, half alive, perhaps to wake up one day again have a heart up. Love is not always a man, is the reason you probably regardless of personal danger to everyone’s feelings memoirs, there will be a love and not the people, behind every turn, there you can not see tears, like a crack under embankment gradually due to erosion and widening, you see. It is the collapse of the moment. Although it is difficult to turn around, but put down, it is not another way. The world is always a person, you become the reason regardless of personal danger before that, you only need to wait…… (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: