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These rules are fixed, the child will thank you! With the new semester approaching, the children of the students for more than a month of summer life will also come to an end. The lack in school management and requirements, a lot of students this vacation time is not the law, leisurely and carefree, all with TV, computer company, quite a headache for parents. Recommendation: the week before school, students should be corrected as soon as possible to develop the bad habits of the holiday, which requires our parents and teachers according to the actual situation of the child to develop the relevant rules". Let the children become a rule of the child, so that parents become a understand the rules of the parents, which is the original intention of this article. The reason why children do not obey the rules is not the children do not understand the rules, he was too much of their own limitations. When the child has to depend on, not obedient situation, behind must have its motives and reasons, so we can not just blindly scold the child do not abide by the rules of behavior. The child’s expression ability is limited with the increase of age, children begin to have own opinions and ideas, but have not yet learned to manage themselves and therefore face the adults and have provisions of opinions or complaints, due to the expression of incomplete, or do not know how to explain, will to fight, not obedient, as expression another form of. Children do not have the sense of time and space to allow children of this age to understand the concept of time is a recognized difficulty. Maybe you tell him to stop, he can understand. But if you say "wait" for him, it’s too hard for him. You have to let him know what ‘s for a while. Urchin love breaking the rules in trouble sometimes psychological children, just want to joke with you, see you surprised or even angry look. For example, when the child has just learned to turn on the TV switch, he will be interested in the matter, will be repeatedly open, turn off the tv. If you’re serious about asking him to stop at this time, it could backfire. Because he has got a new game from your attitude: as long as I go to touch TV, Dad’s face will appear on the funny expression, and I will say (I love even if you are a word "no".). As an interesting means when the baby is obedient, parents may be busy because of other things while ignoring for child care, so when the children found shamelessly, disobedient, can get more attention of parents or elders, may appear uncharacteristically wild unreasonable move, to attract the attention of others. Because of "black" tasted the sweetness of the child was scolded for not obedient, the most common is reflected by "crying" to lie, if parents distressed or discipline is convenient, and the promised child’s request to stop the crying behavior, will let the children set up a false value, as long as she the sugar to eat, then encountered a similar situation, learn to use the bad habits. How does the child do not obey the rules how to advocate to give children freedom, does not mean to give up the cultivation!相关的主题文章: