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These snacks, simple and delicious dishes, favorite food and drink wine man – Sohu practices: clean hairtail, hairtail chopped into large pieces and moved into the cooking wine, salt pickled tasty. Good under the pan fried pickled fish until golden brown, pour Huadiao Medium Sweet simmer for 15 minutes. Fried lotus root box: Practice: pork stuffing into salt, ginger, soy sauce pickled tasty. Beat the egg into the egg liquid into flour into the egg. Cut the lotus lotus root folder, folder into a good tune meat stuffing, wrapped in batter pan fried until golden brown jiaocui. Shredded eggplant, eggplant: long wash pot boiling, let cool into shreds. Pour into soy sauce, sugar, salt, vinegar tune into the sauce, sprinkle onion mix finally. Marinated potatoes, potatoes chopped a practice: washing cornstarch with water, water with boiling water boiled hot after the fish. The Chinese prickly ash, Pepper Fried incense poured on potato silk, white vinegar, salt, sugar, pour into tune into the sauce, sprinkle with coriander and mix well. Maotai kidney, practice: kidney cut open from the middle, besides waist Sao after cut knife. To deal with the kidney with boiling water boiled hot spare. Wok pour oil, after the heat poured into the soy sauce fried into oil sauce. Turn into the kidney after stir fry, sprinkle sliced cucumber juice after fire. Xiaochao chicken, chicken wings in practice: wash and chop into small pieces, put salt, cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, 2 tablespoon sauce mix pickled, pan fried until golden brown remove and reserve. Wok pour oil pepper saute, pour soy sauce, turn into a good pickled chicken wings stir the fire, transferred to salt, pepper stir fry tasty pan. Braised crucian carp: onion, wash well? Pan fried to golden skin, remove oil. Pot stay in base oil, put garlic ginger saute, pour into Yellow Wine, soy sauce, water, put the Fried Carp with simmer until thick soup. Stir fried chicken balls with a knife: chicken wings cut off both ends of the fascia, hold the chicken bone forcibly rotated several times, out of the chicken bone chicken wings in a ball. Put the chicken with soy sauce, salt, cooking wine ball pickled tasty. Good pickled chicken wings ball pan fried cooked, remove oil. Wok pour oil, saute ginger, aniseed. Put chicken ball, scallion stir the fire. Finally pour garlic, soy sauce, pepper, salt and stir fry until cooked. Three: flour and Boiled dumplings, a moderate dough, Tang spare. Wash and control water to dry. Seafood stripped shrimp shell shrimp intestines removed chopping, cooking wine, salt mix pickled tasty diaojin. Egg fried egg liquid into pieces, pour into leek end, shrimp, transferred to salt, cooked oil mix into dumplings. The softened dough evenly pulling into small pieces, roll into thin dumplings, transferred into a good dumplings wrapped in thin skin stuffing the Boiled dumplings cooked.      相关的主题文章: