These ten Eyeliner must be shared within a single fold of small partners (video) solid converter

The ten section of the liner must be shared with Buddy double single eyelids in Japan Amoy micro signal: riben517 eye makeup is the core part of the whole makeup, but for the double sister paper and single eyelids, eye makeup is very difficult. In many so-called official view, it may be big eyes look big eyes. In fact, although not as large as single eyelid bling bling charming electric eye laugh when bending, but when the crescent eyes see no good ~ Dongyu Zhou erotic eye makeup, save two wonderful "eye technology" double is also very beautiful, it is easy to change the eye through the eyelid paste this kind of tool. It will also look clean everyday. The biggest difference between the double and single eyelids actually lies in the thickness of the eye fat. 100% pure single eyelid because there is no that a small fold, close to the lashes of the root of the eye fat will be thicker. Although the difference is not particularly large, but for the make-up will become an obstacle, it is easy to cause the eye liner, eye shadow swelling, oppression eyelashes…… For most of the disabled party, it is not an easy task to draw a good eye liner, to the double and single eyelid painting time, tell the truth, it is difficult to upgrade the index… The double, single eyelids exactly how get painted Eyeliner what kind of small skills? Single eyelids how to draw? Because the relationship between the eye eye liner to paint some thick, until now opened his eyes to see the black eyeliner on the bold, increase the eye margin let the eye look more round if that line too, can be a dark eye shadow or cotton stick faint soft Korean single eyelids Eyeliner eyes how to do? The eye head lines should be fine, if the eyelid is not buried in the anterior eye head began to draw the drawing direction from the end of the eye between the eyes, fine lines by the emphasis gradually thick end of eye can be in the eyes of Japan’s ten essential Eyeliner Chaohao Eyeliner Eyeliner very fine DollyWink KOJI Dolly Wink eyeliner. Very fine eyeliner, fast dry long, easy to use, so that you do not have a beautiful day of the dye, easy to describe the perfect line, durable and color. The dark black eyes show attractive Nongyan brown, to create a natural soft brown eyes. Kate fine Waterproof Eyeliner halo halo dye KANEBO KATE very fine lasting eyeliner, very fine eyeliner, nose design soft, quick drying type, can be easily painted a fascinating detail on line, to create the ultimate charm of the magic eye, very fine pen easily draw eyeliner, even beginners can control for oh. Three color optional. VISEE 1.5mm 1.5mm Fine Eyeliner Waterproof Eyeliner Gel refill, exquisite characterization of meticulous eyeliner. Strong waterproof, anti sweat, anti sebum, lasting no halo. Smooth smooth texture, easily painted eye outline difficult part and rose eyeliner. Little Witch moteliner Very Fine Eyeliner Pen an excellent water resistance eyeliner, easy to make up at the same time with warm water can also be easily removed, to achieve a lasting anti corona dyeing super efficacy. The pen is super soft fine perfect nib, painting Eyeliner for eye can draw their own along the right of their eyes.相关的主题文章: