To different beauty of the original ecological evaluation report – Sohu and ah pot

To different beauty of the original ecological AH pot evaluation report – Sohu and whether this is a housewife, white-collar workers, office workers and grandparents love a number of cooking functions [boiling, stewing, steaming, and thawing, fast heat] functions such as beauty of original AH pot. AH pot in the AH represents a breakthrough, full range of comfort and health for the user, that is, the appearance of the atmosphere on the cozy AH noble and lightweight. In the selection of raw materials and ceramic liner health pot, AH logs, stone and other natural materials as raw materials to develop non liner, coating and the original formula; so we can give the family 100 points at ease, without worrying about the non stick coating damage to the human body. With stone as a raw material tank, stone is a kind of natural drug ore, in the process of cooking without coating natural stone liner can release anti nearly 18 kinds of minerals and trace elements in the process of cooking, nutrition is not lost. Due to a variety of minerals, medical stone is rich in the human body needs, released in the cooking process of trace elements and the original food nutrients can be fully absorbed by human body. On the whole, AH can make you cook in the kitchen every day to save extra time for the health of a lot of benefits. A good pot is compatible with the convenience and health, of course, can not quickly heating function. AH pot using stereo heating technology is more comprehensive; penetration frequency heating technology, originally a pot of soup to consume two hours to stew, because AH cooker adopts stereo omnibearing heating technology in one hour to stew pot of delicious soup nutrition. Because AH is the inner cooker ceramic plate material, so it can be used for microwave oven ware such as heat-resistant ceramic microwave oven or microwave oven glass bowl into the pot cavity AH directly by steam, quick heating and thawing function, note that metal containers cannot be put into the pot using AH. Simple and exquisite operation panel, refused to complicated procedures, then plug the operating screen will clearly show the standby state. We love to eat Q bomb Steamed Rice so we chose -Q, playing the cooking function, because the AH pot is omni-directional stereo heating technology of multi point penetration frequency heating technology, so the cooking time is not the same with the other pot pot, AH need only 25 minutes to cook, and full of rice and Q. Fragrant glutinous rice taste is also suitable for children and elders who eat, soft waxy taste. It was cold, get up late, want to drink a bowl of hot morning porridge, choose [IH] reservation function every day, this hour of sleep. In addition to cooking outside an additional function, that is [] without a microwave thawing function, a friend of the family can also use AH to AH pot pot thawing, thawing process meat moisture, keep fresh meat, according to need to set the weight of thawed meat thawing. A removable cover, gently press the buckle easy disassembly and cleaning, bacteria often nowhere. And the inner convex point to prevent water vapor dropping the excess to Steamed Rice or food相关的主题文章: