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To solve the problem of HUAWEI Android mobile phone Caton, why can be the vanguard? Sohu Technology Wen Li East (micro signal: lidonglou) Android mobile phone has been a "destiny" is, no matter how high the hardware configuration, after a period of time, basically there will be a slow, running Caton, which also makes Android mobile phone experience has been unable to achieve the ultimate, how for a long time will solve mobile phone Caton problems has almost become a "troubled by all the major domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the heart". So why Android phones can not get out of this cycle? Who can take the lead in breaking the "fate"? For a long time will Android mobile phone Caton, why get out of this vicious circle? First, it is necessary to point out that for a long time will surely this Caton and mobile phone hardware configuration behind a certain relationship. In the current era of the mobile Internet, the installation of more and more applications of our mobile phone, while storing photos and videos are more and more, especially such as WeChat, micro-blog, APP and other commonly used network video storage space and large memory consumption, which makes the low configuration of Android mobile phone some storage space and the original small, small memory in the overload state, so it can hardly be avoided caton. Although mobile phone Caton led to the problem of low hardware configuration, Android mobile phone is not unique, equipped with the iOS system of Apple mobile phone will also appear in the Android mobile phone, but the problem is more prominent, usually half have an update on mobile phone and mobile phone, apple basically can guarantee the smooth use in two years of use period. On the other hand, discard configuration problems, Android mobile phone may appear from operating system more for a long time will Caton phenomenon behind. As everyone knows, iOS closed operating system different from the apple mobile phone equipped with independent research and development, the domestic mobile phone equipped with OS system is developed based on the Google Android system on the bottom of the system update will need to rely on the Android update, which makes the update time to be behind the original system, but also makes the user unable to upgrade to the new system in the first time. Apple mobile phone users are in the use of the process to get smoother operating experience, on the one hand, it is because the system can be updated for the first time after the upgrade, Apple released iOS10 system, as long as there is enough space in the world, basically a week of Apple’s mobile phone users will for the first time update and upgrade. On the other hand, Apple’s mobile phone in a more integrated hardware and software, independent operating system makes it possible to form a better integration with the hardware, so as to achieve a consistent use experience. And this is the core advantage of Apple’s mobile phone is located, which has almost become a Android mobile phone manufacturers can not cross the gap". Push EMUI5.0, HUAWEI wants users to bid farewell Caton? However, the current domestic mobile phone manufacturers as the eldest brother HUAWEI does not intend to "named" hand upgrade on the hardware configuration, such as the introduction of high-end mobile phone configuration luxury P9 and Mate9, on the other hand, in the optimization of the operating system.相关的主题文章: