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Too touching! This letter touched millions of parents "people’s Daily" also recommended reading – a professor of Sohu maternal University, just admitted to the University for his daughter, wrote a letter! Father in the letter to the daughter was admitted to the University at the time of 9 suggestions, covering the moral, professional, knowledge, love aspects. This letter not only touched millions of parents, "people’s Daily" also forwarded recommended reading. Some netizens even suggest that this article as the first lesson of high school language and college chinese. The father is Wu Hui, associate professor, Department of Journalism and communication, Faculty of humanities, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Daughter Wu Yang last year admitted to the Southwest Forestry University, is now a sophomore English majors. Wu Hui itself is a story: once worked as a primary school and junior high school teacher for 10 years, when the age of nearly a year before the entrance examination, and later also read a doctor until he became a teacher at the University of. Reporters on the phone line Wu Hui, at the moment her daughter has returned to Kunming to study, he has his own school, which is busy for two days to teach students. Wu Hui told reporters that he was last year 2, March began to write this letter. At that time, his daughter was still in high school, he slowly accumulated, brewing for a few months, and finally written before the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination after the letter handed over to her daughter. The daughter’s reaction was not as exciting as your parents, "she said…… No response." Wu Hui explained that this is because her daughter is too introverted, not good at expressing their feelings. It is precisely because of the character of his daughter, he chose to use this subtle way to convey their ideas. Later, Wu Hui found his daughter put letters in the QQ and share them, students also praised her for her father to write well. It seems that my daughter still think Dad wrote quite well. After a year of college life, the daughter is not a freshman to know nothing about the University, change is not small. The first is the daughter’s learning attitude is more active than high school. Wu Hui said that the daughter of the college entrance exam is not good, after the college entrance examination in the summer, he suggested that her daughter can consider going abroad or PubMed, but she was rebuffed. But now, the daughter take the initiative to review the IELTS, also intends to obtain intermediate English interpretation certificate. Let Wu Hui surprise, she volunteered to participate in volunteer service and Agency reporters of the two organizations, also went to the Ludian earthquake disaster area service. These two roles need to face to face with strangers, the daughter of introverted personality is a great challenge and exercise. On the whole, as a parent, he is quite satisfied with his daughter’s performance. This summer, my daughter and he discussed the graduate school abroad and other topics, so Wu Hui plans to write an article on the college graduates’ employment, PubMed and other selected analysis. So what is the content of Wu Hui’s letter to his daughter? A lot of parents read all say: I want to say the bottom of my heart to say bad words…… Suitable crowd: & reading of senior high school students; students’ parents baby, the flight of time, Time flies like a shuttle. Baby babbling, in the courtyard of the toddler, is already a long time ago. When you grow up, you will go to college. Arguably, 18 year old adult, I shouldn’t have to worry about what. It’s just that you were born相关的主题文章: