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Weight-Loss The more your kids watch you eat and live right, more likely it is for them to get motivated and follow your example. However, with rising obesity rates, most people are not able to live by the example and usually kids of such parents suffer ill health too. More than 15% of children in the US are overweight and bad eating habits are the main reason behind this problem. Combating childhood obesity while improving kids fitness takes patience, creativity and inspiration on the part of children as well as their parents. An obese kid shouldn’t feel alone in his journey to weight loss. is a one of its kind social network that helps overweight children and their families work together to achieve the weight loss goals. Encouraging the children to lose weight is a tricky situation for most parents. Inspiring your kid to start exercising without overdoing it so that he/she does not end up hating exercises, is an essential factor in raising fit and healthy children. is committed to empowering and encouraging people who are seeking support to combat the obesity. Whether you are worried about your own weight or your children’s obesity, can provide the best fitness exercises for children and adults. In fact, the social network strives to bring all the obese, fat or heavy children and adults on one place. By doing this, network ensures that you get inspiration from not only their team, but also from other persons who have the same goals and opinions as you. They provide a range of informative kids fitness books and videos, including The Chubby Conqueror by Amos Knoll, A Healthier Ever After by Dr. Rob Streisfeld, and Your Slim Vision for Kids. The President of TrimLand, Inc., Amos Knoll is a knowledgeable professional who promotes the fight against obesity epidemic, an initiative of the White House. His new book is an empowering book, not another diet manual, and encourages a new Facebook lifestyle, Trimland for thousands of people who need the inspiration to beat obesity. Anyone can join the social network and avail heavy discounts on various products pertaining to kids’ health and fitness . As the member of Trimland, you will get a lifestyle diet plan from Dr. Rob, menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, access to important nutrient facts, various progress reports, and more. To learn more about, please visit, or see their Facebook page .facebook../mytrimland About the Author: 相关的主题文章: