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Trust 8 monthly: entered the 17 trillion era yields rebound Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: overview of lattice Trust Market Overview: August financial issue number rose, buying 17 trillion times according to industry statistics, the lattice financial in August 2016, a total of 47 companies involved in the issue, the establishment of 289 fixed income set of trust products, the total size of the statistics included 231 products for 76 billion 51 million yuan. The number of products increased by 35.68% QoQ, an increase of 30.18%; product size rose by an average of $99.94%, an increase of 67.64%. August set up a collection of fixed income trust products, the size of both rising. Source: financial on the grid (excluding securities investment class and a single trust) from the Trust Industry Association announced the 2 quarterly report, the trust industry wide information management scale reached 17 trillion and 290 billion. The 2 quarter of 2016, China’s GDP grew by more than 6.7%, better than market expectations, the economy is still maintained at a reasonable range, the macroeconomic smooth operation. In this context, the infrastructure investment is still an important area of the trust asset allocation, investment projects in August based on the scale of the same period, the chain has a relatively large increase. Although the August issue of trust scale number have rebounded, but the trust industry is facing the macro economic structural reform, the information management industry competition, increased the risk of default pressures of the situation has not changed, in the slow growth situation, innovation and change is still the main tone of the current development of the trust industry. At present, with the enhancement of awareness of financial investors, customer demand gradually from single investment to benefit, wealth inheritance, global asset allocation is more diversified demand, the trust industry also has many reflected in the new business field. In August 2016, the fixed income trust products issued before three respectively, Shanghai aviation trust Aijian Trust, Chongqing trust, the number of issued were 16, 15, 14. From the recently published Trust Industry Association trust industry preliminary results showed that before the release of three Air China, Chongqing, Shanghai trust’s preliminary results are class A. Capital investment: basic industries issued warmer, real estate issued shrink from the funds to invest in the financial market this month, the issue of the number of top class, accounting for 23.67%; basic industries ranked second, accounting for 15.35%, real estate accounted for 13.65%, accounting for more than 13.01% kinds of industrial and commercial enterprises. August, the number of financial market trust issuance is still dominant, but accounted for the decline in the previous month. The issuance of basic industry trust in the first two months has been in a state of contraction, and this month has warmed up, accounting for more than the proportion of the real estate category jumped to second. The real estate trust in the current issue of the month and the current hot real estate market prices deviate from the issue of a contraction trend. Accompanied by the hot real estate market, the real estate market differentiation trend two相关的主题文章: