TV asked political bureau chief was sent to the scene to announce the phone to win

TV politics was sent the Secretary chased magnifier site announced the phone to win applause TV asked political scene photo reporter Ruan Banhui has two seat under the officials asked Political Bureau of Xi’an city program after the first time to convene the Council offices responsible person, director of the county development zone held will rectify 8 last night, Xi’an fourth TV politics program launched on time. Xi’an Municipal Bureau of party secretary, Secretary Yan stone with 8 deputy secretary and district, county, urban development zone, director of the scene to accept the government". Asked the program scene mainly under the jurisdiction of Xi’an City Administration Jeeves parks, small square of the environment and work style, after the end of the program, representatives of the public to send a magnifying glass to yanshi. A short unannounced visits to question 1: demonstration Street inspectors useless dirty chaos and more "run to the city!" The fourth phase of the political scene of the first broadcast of the short film, the words of a song sung in Shaanxi, the audience laughed in a tacit understanding. This video reflects the chaos in key areas such as Xi’an’s bell tower, hamlet. You know, the Bell Tower and Drum Tower area of Xi’an can be said to be the face, is the tourists will go to the ground, but it is in these areas, why there are still so many chaos. See the film, there are law enforcement officers on duty at the scene, but no matter what, and vendors playing hide and seek, is responsible for the city Yan value of "domestic workers" but did not manage the tower of the Xi’an saloon. In the stringent control measures, especially during the national day and this chaos, where exactly is the problem? Municipal Urban Management Bureau Yan Shi admitted that the problem is still out of law enforcement officers, their work is not fine not true. "Absolutely can not go on like this, the Bell Tower and Drum Tower area as the mind, back then we will formulate and issue the relevant measures." Yan Shi said. There are problems with law enforcement demonstration street. Xi’an law enforcement demonstration street in the beginning of the creation of the time, are the benchmark, but with the creation of the end of the work, the sign hung up, no one tube. With the short film in the public’s words: this picture is too beautiful to look at." In this regard, deputy director of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, said Li Chenggang, as the video said, there are problems and loopholes in our demonstration street, the next step will join the assessment mechanism to solve the problem of demonstration street. Question 2: managers and the existence of the interests of the chain from the video TV unannounced visits to see the north gate to flee, the axis around all kinds of barbecue vendors have said, row upon row of management fees, management fees will not be in a flagrant way, want to stall, call, after eight can be placed, ten points can be placed on the road, "stall 30 yuan a day, monthly pay 600 yuan per month." Reporters call consultation, the other said, pay the money, if the city received something, they are responsible for going back. The host site calculations, this section of the booth, according to 600 yuan per month, a total of 100 booths to calculate, this considerable number of charges, in the end who flows into the hands? Before coming to feel the pressure is to test, but after watching the film feel deeply remorse." To solve this problem, Lian Jiao相关的主题文章: