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Two Australian men loaded into Korean golfers participating in retreat – Sohu News Reference News Network November 5 foreign media reported that the two Australian men pretended to be a world-class golfer, with North Korea held the 18 hole international golf tournament, and retreats. Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on November 3rd, Morgan and Evan? Lei ERGs? Shai is 28 years old, they participate in the Polo journey in Beijing, heard about North Korea to host this contest news. They represent Australia’s application is approved, and put on the national emblem of the green coat competition. Reported that they did not play professionally, but after the event was able to successfully leave North korea. The two day competition in Pyongyang’s North Korea’s only golf course has attracted the world’s top 85 golfers. The Australian "clown" by the whole monitoring in the whole five days trip, the trip includes a visit to Pyongyang, they are still the leader of the flowers before the monument. Reg, Australia’s postal express, said: we are very nervous when the border to surrender passports. It is said that some people can not go home." Reported that North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong-il presided over the opening of the Pyongyang golf course in 1987. Reg and Shai are friends in Brisbane, australia. Reg said: "I shot 120 grades, my Caddy said I gave his family bring shame." He said: "we played really bad…… But we met some very interesting people." Reg told YAHOO sports, officials feel very interesting". Later, Lei ERGs and Shai is very smooth to leave the country. He said: "I will not recommend this journey to those who want to travel easily. The journey is tough, but it is also a wonderful experience."相关的主题文章: