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The Houston .munity College system is divided into six colleges, including Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and Coleman College . The following discussion provided information on what type of financial aid is available for the students enrolled with these colleges. Federal Grants Available Federal Pell Grant Available for the undergraduate students, this financial grant is not repaid. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Available for the undergraduate students, who have great financial need for education. Federal Work Study Program Part-time employment is provided to the eligible students. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan Need based loan for which the government pays the interest. Un-Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan – Non-need based loan, for which the student is responsible to pay the interest. Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students Awarded to parents to support their child’s education. State Grants Available Various Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) programs are available for the students studying at the Houston .munity College : Start-up TPEG Awarded to the students who have not received any previous financial aid. Supplemental TPEG Awarded to the students in addition to other type of financial aid. Pell Ineligible TPEG Awarded to the students who are disqualified for receiving Pell grant. Texas College Work-Study Program and State Student Incentive Grant are other types of state grants available for the students. Eligibility for Grant Apart from pursuing a regular degree program from the Houston .munity College , the student must fulfill other eligibility conditions to obtain financial grant: US citizenship is the first requirement for financial grant. However, an eligible non-citizen can also obtain grant. Valid social security number High school diploma certificate Satisfactory academic performance Appearance in a test conducted by the education department. Display of financial need The Houston .munity College is a reputed college system that opens the doors for excellent career opportunities. The financial aid available for the college’s students play a significant role to support the education of students enrolled with it. About the Author: The Availability Of It Jobs In Durgapur Is A Testimonial To The Growth Of The City By: Steve Hurley – Durgapur is evolving rapidly and at its helm are the IT jobs that are now available in the proposed smart city. This has created a unique opportunity for the c … Tags: Primary Need Of Leave Management System By: Luke Wright – Organization, especially for start-ups and small business, the use of leave management system is important. Keeping record on time-to-time basis is very crucia … Tags: The Need Of Attendance Software For .pany By: Luke Wright – For a .pany, it is important to keep proper track of employees and working hours spend by them in the .pany. Right from the in-time to leaving time, everyt … Tags: Recruitment Consultants In Manchester By: smartweb – Recruitment consultants are required to attract the right candidates and match them at permanent or temporary positions in the client organizations. Tags: The Benefits Of Online Recruitment By: smartweb – The recruitment landscapes for both job seekers and employers have been greatly revolutionized by online job sites. Tags: 5 Reasons For Using Staffing Agencies To Find Your Next Job By: smartweb – You have the ample amount of skills, dedication and focus required for a particular job, but you are not able to decide which would be the best way to carve ou … Tags: Staffing Agencies And Recruiters-5 Ways To Attract A Staffing Agency By: smartweb – So, you want to get a new job with the help of a staffing agency but you arent sure about how to proceed. Tags: 5 Ways Working With A Staffing Agency Will Make You A Winner By: smartweb – More often than not, working on a temporary basis through a staffing agency is overlooked as a potential job lead source. Tags: 3 Reasons Why A Staffing Agency Will Save Your Money By: smartweb – So your .pany is reaching new heights; you are getting new and better projects, and are ready to increase the number of your current employees. Tags: Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Staffing Agency By: smartweb – In a .petitive market, having a workforce that is skilled and professionally qualified is not simple and straightforward. Tags: 相关的主题文章: