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Untie the knot between men and folic acid in pregnancy preparation notice! During the preparation of pregnant women in the Sohu, the experts will tell prospective mothers to eat folic acid three months ahead of schedule. But you know, can not eat before pregnancy folic acid mothers without fathers patent, advance to eat. Folic acid is an important material to improve the quality of sperm in the future. When folic acid deficiency in the male body, the concentration of semen and sperm activity decreased, will reduce the chance of pregnancy. So experts suggest: in the preparation of both sides of the pregnancy and the best folic acid supplement, which is very beneficial to the conception, but also for health BB points. A prospective father to eat folic acid, fetal health, Mcgill University, a study found that the level of folic acid in children’s health has a great impact. The researchers used mice to study a group of mice that had not been able to get enough folic acid from their diet, and another group of mice that had been given normal folate levels. Compared with the offspring of mice with normal folate levels in the body, the physiological defects in the offspring of folate deficient mice were much higher, or even 30%. Sperm can carry memories of his father’s life, including his diet and lifestyle choices. This means that if the father eat fatty food, or the obese, or where they live food insecurity, it is difficult to get enough folic acid in the diet, or their excessive drinking, smoking, all these bad information will be passed to offspring. Men often have a bad habit of smoking and drinking, which is not only harmful to the body, but also easy to cause the loss of nutrients. Even without this kind of bad habits, male friend eclipse in eating meat, vegetables, fruit, eat less, so it is easy to cause the lack of many vitamins and minerals, resulting in adverse effects on the body, thereby affecting many body functions including reproductive function, will inevitably affect the next generation. Two, an expectant father, how to make pre pregnancy folic acid? Although the child is born in the mother, but the offspring of the quality depends largely on the quality of fertilized eggs. Figuratively speaking, fathers in pre pregnancy folic acid can better create a "good seed", let mother more successful conception; and the mother in the pre pregnancy folic acid can cultivate the scientific "good seed", to ensure the smooth and healthy baby was born. The average daily intake of folic acid before men 722 to 1500 micrograms, sperm risk coefficient will decrease by 20% to 30%. The U.S. Department of agriculture has recommended daily dietary standards to ensure that adult men consume 0.4 mg of folic acid a day. Men can add folic acid to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans and other foods rich in carotene, zinc, vitamin B6 food. Help father "good seed" in the mother happy land "met, rooting, germination, lay the basis of cultivating healthy baby. Dads in pre pregnancy folic acid in addition to his wife, then intake such as beta carotene, zinc and other nutrients, can better improve the quality and quantity of the father to "seed". Recommended recipes:.相关的主题文章: