Unusual Ways To Celebrate Mothers Day-freyja

Home-and-Family Did you know that more greeting cards are sent and more flowers are delivered for Mother’s Day than for Valentine’s Day? If you think about it, it makes sense since not everyone has a lover, but nearly everyone has a mother. Moms are there to heal our wounds, to teach us about life, and to show us love. If you’re looking for a special way to appreciate Mom this year, here are three unusual ways you can celebrate and show your love with a little help from a rental projector. 1. Take Mom on a walk down memory lane. Gather the photo books, make some scans and put together a family slideshow just for mom. It’s easy to drop these scans onto CD-ROM or DVD, set it to music, and showcase the slide show on Mother’s Day with a rental projector and a blank wall. Then Mom gets a keepsake DVD she can replay any time she chooses. You might decide to include clips from favorite films or home movies, childhood photographs, her wedding pictures (or yours!), funny moments, photos of loved ones who’ve passed away, or anything that would make mom feel warm and cozy inside. 2. Bring the movie theater home to Mom’s living room. Imagine the delight on your mother’s face as she sees her favorite classic films projected onto her biggest living room wall! With rates starting at just $99 per weekend, you can surprise your mom with a rental projector. She can enjoy a good cry during "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" or swoon over Jimmy Stewart as her favorite flicks are displayed in theater size and quality. Gather your siblings and Mom’s relatives for family favorites like "Father of the Bride" or "Terms of Endearment" and pop a huge batch of popcorn as everyone settles in and gets .fy. Mom will love having the whole family together again, just like old times. 3. Give the gift of technology. Can’t be present with her on Mother’s Day? An alternative might include sending a gift certificate for a rental projector with a list of ideas like these and a heartfelt video message (recorded onto DVD) to tell Mom how much you care, and how much you wish you could be with her for this special day. However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, it all starts with authentic gratitude and a special message for mom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: