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View children learning reports? Teacher SMS link hidden variant Trojans today many primary schools, kindergartens by sending text messages, the children in school and learning feedback to parents. The day before, parents Mr. Zhu due to click on the "kindergarten teacher" to report the children learn the SMS, bank card was stolen. Beijing morning news reporter learned from a mobile phone security center, the parents of the point is not a normal SMS text messages, but in a variant called "Bomb album" variant Trojan virus. Mobile phone experts to remind, when the feeling of abnormal bank funds, be sure to log in through a safe bank account and password changes in a timely manner. Study report hidden virus according to Zhu recalled that the mobile phone in a few days ago received a text message, saying the child is learning the report since opening, but if you look at the specific content need to click on the link in the message. He did not want to think that this text message from kindergarten teacher, kindergarten often mass notification and arrangement, I did not want to, point into." He did not expect that, after the click did not jump out of the page, there is no learning report, but the phone was reminded of the successful installation of a Android management application software. A few minutes later, his mobile phone one after another received message authentication code, and a man claiming to be bank customer service call said, the best look at the mobile phone bank, the funds are safe. Soon, Mr. Zhu is abnormal, immediately put the bank card temporarily lost, just in case. Later, I asked the kindergarten teacher through WeChat, only to know that this message is not sent to kindergarten. In the online search, found that this is a fraud SMS, the field has caught the parents." Variant of Trojan disguised fraud mobile phone security experts said, Mr. Zhu’s mobile phone actually in a "Bomb album" variant of the Trojan virus, the virus in the main photo machine as bait to click on the link text messages, mobile phone is installed a Trojan virus software, eventually fraudulent bank card money. This means already not fresh, but Mr. Zhu received the message for a set of rhetoric, but the core of fraud has not changed, still is to lure victims click, download trojan virus as a breakthrough. According to the analysis of mobile phone security experts, when the mobile phone is loaded into this variant of Trojan virus, the virus is likely to specify the number by secretly send text messages, as well as to login, payment and related functions, to steal online banking payment password, resulting in the main funds stolen online banking. Therefore, the mobile phone users in the receipt of a message containing a strange link, we must be vigilant, to click on the installation software must also be protected and then enter. Beijing Morning News Hotline reporter Zhang Jingya clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: