Watch the host version will be open free demo version of the future is expected to open PC

Watch the host version will open free demo PC version in the future is expected to open service station and beauty service according to the latest news, watch the "pioneer" will be open to PS4 and Xbox One play free game player in September 10th -9 on the 12 day period, but the PC version is not included. This is the watch "pioneer" after the first free open beta and beta. Watch "pioneer" issued in July on the customer service, already has more than 15 million game player, national service at the end of June sales of nearly 3 million sets. Full of charm for "watch" the pioneer of the game, with a free demo in the form of more new game player experience is also very important, but also help add more fresh blood to the game player in the community. Earlier, Mr. Li Riqiang said, the national service in the future there will be a number of initiatives to allow players to experience the freedom to watch the vanguard. Therefore, players can also look forward to the subsequent action of the national service. Free week free time: 2:00 Beijing time on September 12th to September 13th 7:00 free weekend platforms: PS4, Xbox One (not including PC) free weekend: the US, Europe, Asia and other services (excluding national service) free weekend content: full, full, full map hero mode note: archive can be inherited! After the end of the free weekend to buy the game can inherit data official QA asked: free weekend can play those games? Answer: during the free weekend, game player can use "watch" the complete list of heroes, pioneer maps and some functions, including fast warfare, warfare, custom loot and melee mode. Q: how many heroes can be chosen in the vanguard? A: the vanguard of the watch, there are 22 heroes for you to choose! If you want to know more about heroes, please click here. Q: how many maps can be chosen in the watch vanguard? A: there are a total of 4 different game modes, and 13 different maps can be selected! Occupation: Flower Village, anubis temple and Voss Industrial Zone: Dorado, her escort and Highway 66 stations: Gibraltar escort occupation mix: eichenwald, Hollywood, King Avenue and Nubani control: Ely Aus, Lijiang tower and Nepal Q: each map mode allows several game player to play at the same time? A: all game modes and maps support 12 players, with a game of 6 to 6. Q: how many different game modes can be used in the watch free weekend? A: during the free weekend, you can enjoy the "vanguard" in a variety of game modes! Quick fight: quickly join the game, similar to the level of rival. A.I. Battle: with A.I. Control the hero team battle, hone your skills. Custom game with your friends or A.I. Play games with custom rules. Melee mode: every week will transform the different rules and limitations of completely different game features. Players can also.相关的主题文章: