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Weekly Tour: 5 neglected new "full screen game" [Sina games exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] every week are listed, in addition to manufacturers for many small independent game is also worth paying attention to create new styles. They may not have a huge picture and background, but often unexpected fun, really is full screen gameplay". The following is the inventory of all the 5 models released last week and easily overlooked masterpiece. 1, "Pan-Pan Steam" page: poke my release date: 2016.8.25 developer: Spelkraft Publisher: Might and Delight price:? 42 Pan-Pan is an open world adventure game. The game is quiet and soothing with music, the style of the screen is simple without losing the vitality, the overall style of the game is fresh and comfortable; with just the right to deal with the puzzle, Pan-Pan bring you Monument Valley wonderful game experience. The "Pan-Pan" game screen 2, "Valley" (Valley) steam page: poke my release date: 2016.8.24 Isle developer: Blue Studios Publisher: Blue Isle Studios price:? 68 dress clothing machinery in an open world legend in the run, it still sounds very interesting. The game in high speed running and jumping, the shuttle in the wonderful fantasy world, can strongly stimulate your adrenaline, there is a "my uncle’s story" that visual sense. "The valley" game 3, "Metrico+" steam page: poke my release date: 2016.8.22 developer: Lion ‘s Shade Publisher: HeroCraft price: 45? Welcome to Metrico, a true to life composed of information chart of the world. All the charts, histogram, line chart, pie chart, all reflect the action game player. For example, when you walk forward, the data of a chart will increase, and when you jump, the data of another chart may fall. Explore the world of Metrico, carefully analyze the impact of each of your actions on the game world, and determine if the action will allow you to move forward. This mechanism is called "Input Morphing", it will break your mind set, let your mind touch the fresh area. There are 6 different worlds in the game. Each world has its own unique challenges, rules, pictures and sound effects. Metrico+ is a combination of exploration, experimentation, and game skills, but the most important thing is to get your mind out of the box". "Metrico+" game screen 4, "steam" (Tempest) page: poke my release date: 2016.相关的主题文章: