Welcome to Shouzhi 100th birthday party founding General Zhang Yang, sent a congratulatory message ( kairui

Founding general Xiang Shouzhi Ying the 100th birthday of Zhang Yang, sent a congratulatory message (Figure) – Sohu military channel page first: admiral Xiang Shouzhi in 100 years old birthday [click the picture to the next page] admiral Xiang Shouzhi. Born in November 1917, joined the Red Army in 1934 1936, joined the Communist Party China, three mountain grassland, from the land revolution to the Anti Japanese War, the liberation war to war, battle aspect, war between North and south, created many classic examples. Served as Colonel, commander, commander, army chief of staff, commander, Fifteenth army artillery Technical College Dean, deputy commander of the second artillery, artillery commander, commander of Nanjing military region, is the twelve session of the thirteen session of the Central Committee, the Central Advisory Commission members. He was awarded the rank of major general in 1955, and was awarded the rank of general in 1988. August 1 was awarded three medals, two independent Medal of freedom, two Liberation Medal, a meritorious honor Red Star chapter. 100 years of wind and rain, the glorious life of the past 100 years. In November 28th, the old general Shouzhi in 100 years old birthday. November 28th, Gulou District of Nanjing city and Xi Road community, come to the old people in a continuous line general birthday. The Rockets in the eastern theater, the Nanjing military region, post office and other units to celebrate leadership. The old man old men, hometown government and society representatives respectively with the old general photo, with their simple, warm together to form the old general birthday. Through the rough, veteran army always listen to the party to follow it. Although I have been a hundred years old, but he is still hale and hale and hearty, spoke confidently. He said that the year before last December, when President Xi visited the Nanjing military region, specifically asked about his health, and through the military leadership to convey his concern and greetings, which makes him so far suppressed excitement. Around the staff, the old general thinking agile, always concerned about national affairs. As an old Party member, he kept on reading newspapers, watching the news broadcast ", browse news online, but also for the first time to study the important speech President Xi series, positive suggestions to the party organization, every year to ordinary Party members thought report writing. The old general retired to actively play heat: among young people about the revolutionary tradition, the inheritance of red gene; participate in calligraphy and painting works of charity, funding difficulties of the masses…… Buddies may also be Xiang Shouzhi’s old general heroic deeds is not too much to understand, so the front brother here to introduce you to the old man spent his whole life. The young army participated in the long march of 1933, Shuanghe area in mountainous Xuanhan county bus northeast South Sichuan dam, just over 15 years old to Shouzhi up the red tasselled spear. Xiang Shouzhi was born in a poor peasant family. When young deeply understand that only the poor struggle, followed by the Communist Party of the revolution, to the rescue. In June 1934, my hometown "expanding the red", under the age of 17 to Shouzhi led more than 100 powerful guerrillas, China participated in 9 of the Red Army of the Red Army, 76 regiment 2 battalion 4 soldiers, monitor, deputy platoon leader, took part in the Soviet area against siege warfare and the long march. During the Anti Japanese war as the Eight Route Army 129 division.相关的主题文章: