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When the money is no longer easy when perhaps only the fund when the fund reliable than the stock is difficult to choose, you should pay more attention to the FOF fund. First explain, what is called the FOF fund. FOF, the English name is Fundof Fund, Fund is the meaning of the fund. Therefore, translated into Chinese, called fund. Plainly, is this kind of assets, is actually composed of several different styles or different types of public fund products. When it comes to the fund portfolio, but can not help but think about the issue of asset allocation. Many people mistakenly believe that the ultimate goal of asset allocation is to maximize revenue. Of course, the pursuit of high returns is our goal, but let the different risk, and low correlation object together, the purpose is to reduce the degree of risk, in order to avoid falling together in the face of changes in the market, but increased the possibility of loss. For example, investors have purchased three funds, but if these three are invested in the direction of the stock fund varieties, it is likely to fall in the market when the net value at the same time down, resulting in asset shrinkage. However, if the asset allocation in advance, there is only one or two low risk varieties of fixed income, such as bond funds, guaranteed funds or monetary fund, it can enhance the anti risk ability of their portfolios in the stock market tumbled. Now on the market of the public fund has exceeded 3000, from thousands of funds selected only then two or three, is indeed very difficult, but also need to know the listed company 3000, how many people are aware of the election fund stock selection difficult? In the past, when the stock was difficult to choose, the fund appeared. Now, when the fund becomes harder to choose, it’s the FOF combination. Buy FOF fund, can solve what problem? To tell the truth, most of the fund’s portfolio products launched by the investment institutions (FOF) than the average investor’s own fund portfolio fly a lot. 2015 A stock market fell sharply, many individual investors are losing money, but the fund is still about 40% of the overall return, while last year’s performance is good, the fund gains more than 100% of the funds are not in the minority. But, why people still feel lose money? In addition to the fund selection errors, we still can not escape the weakness of human nature, namely in the high prices a lot of purchase, but low in a large number of redemption, the timing of the professional, and do not know how to hand only the profit, but always panic stop". The FOF fund portfolio, it is a good solution to these problems. First of all, to grasp the opportunity, FOF more professional because the FOF fund portfolio is for professional investors to help investors to determine stock funds, hybrid funds, index funds, bond funds and money funds allocation ratio. When to buy, when to sell, how many shares to buy this time, how much debt to buy the next base, there are professionals to guide. Secondly, FOF help us choose the better fund, there is no doubt that the construction by professional investor allocation ratio will naturally help us, help us to choose the market relatively good funds, they will look professional to find good products on the market. Of course, FOF also has its own little drawback FOF is.相关的主题文章: