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Why is the capital market afraid of Trump? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my source: WeChat public number Wang Yayuan Wang Yayuan a long circle of Hong Kong stocks in the United States friend said that this year’s presidential campaign hard to decide, because of a physical problem, the other is mental problems. Recently, unfortunately people can accept physical problems has become more and more serious, and have mental problems but yuezhanyueyong. The day before yesterday, the United States more suddenly came news that the Democratic Party is considering replacing the presidential candidate Hilary. Hilary’s health issues have become the focus of recent reports, the British media also refers to her suffering from advanced vascular dementia, leaving only one year of life. The eve of the election, the candidate is reported to have been lustrous and dazzling news is It is quite common for thing, the author thinks that only when entertainment news, the so-called? Seriously you lose?. There is an undeniable fact that the presidential election less than two months time, Trump’s support was continued to rise from last year, more than ten percentage points behind the match until now. According to the poll released by CNN, Trump to two percentage points ahead of the lead, while New York Times polls show that Hilary is still ahead of the group of three percentage points, although the poll failed to show who’s higher than the election of. The data tell us Trump’s chance to be elected is no longer impossible, plus this year Black Swan events occur frequently, such as the UK and Europe, the public began to impact on the United States and around the world to face Trump as president of the United States after the. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Summers has said that if Trump was elected president of the United States, is expected within 18 months, the United States will fall into a long-term recession, and the damage will be far more than the United states. There are also many analysts pointed out that if Trump is elected, the United States will A great calamity is at hand. volatile global financial market, U.S. stocks will fall more than 50%. What is the market so afraid of Trump, so analysts, even former US Treasury Secretary affirmed trump will bring disaster to the United States? In fact, Trump’s words and deeds and policy stance is not difficult to see the reasons for fear of the market. (pictured in the New York Times), the American supreme nationalist election is simple, and it wins. Trump Ming and his support among white people is relatively high, often published some nationalist rhetoric, once verbally discrimination against minorities. He had to make a tough immigration policies, including the expulsion of illegal immigrants, and suggested that the government of Mexico to pay for the Mexican border fence to prevent illegal immigration, to strictly Muslim immigrants, not to offend the whole Islamic countries. He wants to build American nationalism and win votes for most mainstream americans. The problem is that the United States is a pluralistic society, engage in American nationalism is to engage in a small circle, Trump’s behavior is indeed able to unite their own small circle of people, but its side effect is manufacturing more than a small circle and intensifies the conflicts between the small circle in the society. What about the capital market? Do you remember what day it was three days ago? Is the fifteen anniversary of the incident, resulting in 911 of the reasons for the comprehensive theory of the 911相关的主题文章: