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Cool wind care 6 common sense   go out wearing masks, warm and prevent environmental protection — original title: wind cooling health 6 common sense to go out wearing masks to keep warm and windy day to go out wearing masks, keep warm and prevent to go out wearing masks, warmth and prevention of respiratory tract and portal invasion the secretion of immunoglobulin can resist bacteria and viruses avoid disease, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.. Suggest to go out when it is best to wear gauze masks, should also pay attention to change every day. The mask is an indispensable tool to cold, it can effectively prevent the invasion of dust, and your skin, and can guarantee that you will not be hurt by the icy wind. Another reminder: in the premise of ensuring that the body is not cold, not too tight cover, cover sweating but will reduce immunity. To protect the skin, prevent skin injury winds will accelerate the loss of skin moisture, for a long time, easy to get rough scaling, and even cause chapped, pruritus etc.. Recommended wash water temperature control at 20 – 37 degrees Celsius, the use of moisturizing effect of better skin care products. Recommendation: drink plenty of hot water, the amount of water per day depending on different people, but a certain amount of water a day and the correct way of drinking water, can play a certain degree of health care. (commissioning editor Wang Jing and Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: