Witnesses said the National Center has four kinds of transgenic fraud fraud techniques e3300

Witnesses said the National Center has four kinds of transgenic fraud fraud techniques [] of the latest response response to Wei Jingliang report: the Ministry of agriculture survey group of 20 witnesses said the country will be stationed in the verification of a claimed fraud transgenic center named Wei Jingliang, September 19th in the know network broke the news that the "national GMO detection center" title he was educated at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute’s laboratory, and the transgenic detection center since May last year, began to file fraud in order to cope with the examination, and in the detection of personnel qualifications and inspection report, the existence of fraud. In September 19th, Professor Li Kui Wei Jingliang referred to in article two of the articles online broke the news to the reporter’s questions afternoon to make a positive response, he said, this time by the Institute is responsible for media affairs staff foreign reply. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute in September 19th 15:02 on China business newspaper reporter’s phone is a response to this matter, at present there is under investigation, please pay attention to the last two days may be issued a statement. Fraud background Wei Jingliang broke the news, as a real name report. He said the study at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing animal husbandry and veterinary research in the past, 2012 master students majoring in animal genetic and breeding research, 2014 to Shuoboliandu, major in animal genetic engineering and cell engineering. Wei Jingliang’s doctoral tutor is Professor Li Kui. Li Kui is a genetically modified pig experts, was elected in June 2016, the National Committee on genetically modified safety. Wei Jingliang is from a certificate, also posted photos from card. The school certificate, Wei Jingliang entered Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in September 2014 to study professional study and Animal Genetic Breeding Institute of reproductive health, from April 1, 2016. The time is April 1, 2016, the certificate number to No. 201601st. Our reporter tried to get direct contact with Wei Jingliang, but to press time, Wei Jingliang did not respond to social media. This broke the news that the lab where Wei Jingliang has a title, is the national transgenic testing center". Due to the lack of animal transgenic products market, there is no detection of the national standard, so the laboratory test project is still a genetically modified plant products. Testing center has a strict quality control system, the annual capacity of the science and technology development center will be able to verify the task, the detection of blind samples can be retained through. Every three years by the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of science and technology and other three departments jointly set up a group of experts to inspect the quality control system, files, etc.. The disclosure of the fraud process began in mid May 2015, when the laboratory where Wei Jingliang was informed that the three year of the center of the genetically modified examination will be conducted in July. Without the consent of Li Kui, I would like to meet with several other teachers to decide, I served as the center of the genetically modified detection of the "archivists" of the post, responsible for the production and management of all the files in. At the beginning of June 2015, the transgenic Detection Center conducted a mobilization meeting in mentor Li Kui’s organization. It was also at this meeting that Wei相关的主题文章: