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Women buy "restore ex boyfriend" service after the refund to flash marriage – the new network in August 23rd, Chengdu Jiaotong University Road, a cafe, Shanshan to reporters about his own experience. Marriage guidance teachers and Shanshan chats. Love and marriage company provides a guide". Shanshan is a Chengdu girl, 1 meter 68 tall, beautiful and has a cheerful, generous Chengdu meier. Work in the organs and institutions, is the only daughter of the family, according to her condition, love marriage is easy. Can talk about a few boyfriend, feel inappropriate. At the beginning of this year, Shanshan and her boyfriend broke up, but she was unwilling to find a marriage in April, spent 7000 yuan a customized "save the ex" service, want to let love expert to help restore love. Unexpectedly, signed the contract less than a month before her boyfriend flash marriage, "restore boyfriend" service failure…… Shanshan company refund request of marriage, but the marriage company responded that the company has done a lot of work, failure is not the responsibility of the company, no refund. And her boyfriend parted custom "save the ex" and meet Shanshan, first impression, should be very popular — 68 1 meters tall, beautiful and family conditions are good. Shanshan is generous, cheerful, chatted very straight edge off the reel. However, although several of her boyfriend, she has not married, had a boyfriend before marriage, because of various reasons, can not get married. Drag drag, age, and she was a little anxious. In 2014, Shanshan met a boyfriend, just three months. A year later, she was obsessed with her ex boyfriend, ex boyfriend to find active compound. He is doing business, belonging to calm uncle type, he believes that my mind is like a child, saying that we do not fit." Shanshan said, two people again contact a short time later, at the beginning of this year, the. After the breakup, Shanshan is still obsessed with that time, found in the Internet make blind and disorderly conjectures,, and even save the ex "company…… In April 2nd this year, she selected the Chengdu Happy Family Marriage Service Co., Ltd., spent 7000 yuan customized to restore former boyfriend service, the two sides signed a contract. The company promised to give her three months of service to help her save her ex boyfriend. Awkward ex boyfriend flash marriage with love "save" failure of the guidance of experts, certainly hope to save the ex boyfriend! With this in mind, slowly began to accept the love and guidance of experts. Her teacher is a female teacher, the two plus QQ, began online teaching. Learning emotional management, communication skills, self adjustment…… Instructors continue to teach her through the QQ, teach her to do things. "The most important thing is to teach me how to chat with my ex boyfriend". Shanshan said, she can listen to, everything seems to be in the right direction. Unexpectedly, the thought of receiving love guidance can restore the love of her, a call in and ex boyfriend, actually learned that her ex boyfriend "flash marriage, her ex boyfriend also said, I am actually tending to get, Hao相关的主题文章: