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Xiamen Shapo tail around delicacy collecting large – Sohu and sharper tail early also known as jade Shapo, is the old city of Xiamen, where Xiamen’s most prosperous hundred years ago, the ship into the excitement, passing of night marshes, now became the humanities, art, landscape, business gathering place, a small area, concentrated Shapo tail western, Chinese, art gallery, Petronas Twin Towers, Shimao Yanwu viewing platform so much to the sightseeing place, go a little farther away, and the top Australian young cats street, South Putuo, Xiamen University, Baicheng, Taiwan Lake shanpaolv have a good place, I will come here for leisure walking, or taste a lot of nearby delicacy, there are a lot of unique and delicious, bear with me…… Po Hong Kong reporter: Delicious Hong Kong style restaurant sitting invincible sea view Remember is a Po Hong Kong authentic taste authentic Hong Kong style restaurant in Xiamen, Hong Kong style restaurant, Po Hong Kong make many diners praise in so many restaurants have originality. Located in the four floor MALL Shimao Shapo tail, focusing on hot dishes, also has a magnificent view of the sea, you can order gobble down can also eat a dish, head rice, affordable and simple, not because of its beautiful environment and landscape and high prices, so a good shop, how can we miss. Three grass Pavilion: the high cost of the essence of three grass desktop restaurant Pavilion, Shimao opposite the Petronas Twin Towers, the row is very good restaurant. Three grass pavilion main desktop essence cuisine, dishes elegant style, taste good, the price is very affordable, is a good choice for dining Shapo tail nearby. Langshi pickled fish Hot pot pot two: eat, crisp pickled fish Hot pot fun wave stone art, west across the ramp, the main pot of pickled fish, fish crisp delicious, eat hot and sour fish soup can also use hot Hot pot, a pot of two eat, gobble down. Shishanli Korean music bar: revel in the delicacy and music at the Xiamen University Shishanli Road No. 177, the next wave stone pickled fish, the environment is exquisite, the main delicious authentic Korean cuisine, touching music, charming place, and the surrounding environment complement each other, feeling after the humanities and the arts, to taste delicious Korean food, drink a little wine, listen to music, it’s perfect. Tao Ju food house: let more people to eat better and more happy living and eating sushi road house located on the side of the road Shapo tail University, is a Japanese restaurant, shop slogan is "let more people to eat better and more happy sushi" store in addition to delicious sushi, and delicious, thorn fried, salad, noodles, etc. Hand-Pulled Noodle do, very standard, in Xiamen will be able to eat authentic Japanese cuisine. Spicy: Sichuan food is not only delicious, also can be so delicate spicy Shimao will be located in the MALL on the third floor, is a fine high-end Sichuan restaurant, chef team from Sichuan, a lot of food is flown in from Sichuan, food research, Masamune Mitsumi. Today will introduce this several, find out how to predict, and listen to the next time decomposition……相关的主题文章: