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Xi’an start heavy pollution weather blue warning may be dust pollution the newspaper news (reporter Qin Ji) reporter from the Xi’an Municipal Office of weather heavy pollution emergency headquarters was informed that in November 25th 18, Xi’an city launched a heavy pollution weather warning IV (blue). It is reported that by the northwest dust transport effect is expected from the night of November 25th may appear at a time from the northwest to the southeast of the dust pollution process in most parts of the province and Northern Shaanxi Guanzhong, Xi’an city will appear moderate pollution, severe local possible short-term or above pollution, 27 days after the affected by cold air, dust will gradually weaken or process dissipation. In accordance with the "Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft)" provides that the Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters on November 25th at 18, issued by the Xi’an heavy pollution weather IV (blue) warning. Xi’an City, the county government, municipal development zone and the relevant departments will organize and implement the emergency measures, to guide public health protection measures, to remind the children, the elderly and respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other vulnerable populations to reduce outdoor sports. To guide the public and industry to implement the proposed pollution reduction measures, the public to travel by public transport, reduce vehicle on the road; the parking time flameout, reduce vehicle in idle running time.相关的主题文章: