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Xuhui dilation: background of cooperative development curve of increasing reserves [Abstract] in the housing fund, easing price frequent, with the mode of medium scale housing prices popular background in housing prices in the capital, high frequent loose, medium-sized enterprises with the pattern of popular attention. The day before, following the cooperation and development of Henderson Xuhui palace, Henderson Xuhui center project, September 6th, Xu Hui once again holding the hand of Hong Kong enterprises Henderson, a number of projects in Suzhou, Yixing and Changsha cooperative development. According to the agreement, Xuhui a total investment of 1 billion 37 million yuan, the project total area can be equivalent to 931 thousand and 400 square meters. Cooperation in the five projects, Xu Hui will share the economic benefits of 30% or 50%. Xu Hui Hong Kong land development partners, as well as Hongkong land. In May 2015, Xu Hui competing with 4 billion 175 million yuan Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui C000204 unit 1-03-05 block, and then to Hongkong land each accounted for 50% of the proportion of equity joint development. Xu Hui chairman Lin Zhongceng said that in the real estate industry, the new normal, the cooperation between the developers will also become a normal. Curve million million square meters from the beginning of 2013, Xu Hui on the more cooperative development model. In July 2013, with Henderson’s Henderson Chinese common development is located in Yuhang District of Hangzhou city land. In December 8th of the same year, again with the Henderson China cooperative development of Xuhui at Shanghai City, Minhang District Hongqiao business district project. Two companies more than equity cooperation. At the end of last year, the chairman of the board of directors Li Zhaoji Henderson’s private investment fund to finance zaogi, share price of HK $1.68 to purchase 241 million shares of Xuhui shares, involving capital of HK $405 million. 2014 annual report data show that during the new year, Xu Hui, the second half of the ten plots of land is the use of cooperative development, when the cooperative development projects Zhan Xuhui more than 50% of all projects. 2015, Xu Hui three plots are located in Beijing joint development. Benefit from the project and table advantages, Xu Hui’s sales scale in recent years, rapid expansion. Based on the project, Xuhui will gradually small stocks trader to buy, for example, in 2015, Henderson will occupy 51% of the rights and interests of Hangzhou Henderson Xuhui Mansion Project sold to Xu hui. Xuhui related sources, the recent Xuhui Henderson will also work with other projects of cooperation, then, the two companies is expected to cooperate with the total construction area of 2 million square meters, with about 20 billion at Xuhui sales value. Xu Hui President Raymond Lam has revealed in a number of occasions, the current high cost of the real estate market, there is a certain risk, but does not rule out more land reserves in the window period. This year the company will shrink in the first tier cities and second tier cities to buy hot spots, we hope to get low-cost land, but these cities are obviously not suitable for high land prices." Since 2015, land, Chinese Estates, new world of Hong Kong enterprises have sold mainland projects, there are some mainland housing prices have to resell the hands of crisis, creating opportunities for the rapid expansion of the mainland housing prices. An analyst pointed out that the size of Xu Hui compared to other large housing prices is not a)相关的主题文章: