Yunos won the 2016 China Mobile Innovation Week Award – Sohu Technology running man 20130908

YunOS won the 2016 China mobile phone innovation week annual award – Sohu of science and technology in November 1st, today as intelligent terminals and mobile Internet industry chain and entrepreneurs in the largest annual innovation "games", 2016 China mobile phone innovation week and the fourth session of the China mobile phone design and Application Innovation Contest Awards announced solemnly! As Alibaba group’s intelligent operating system YunOS won the annual best intelligent terminal (hardware) solutions award. YunOS won the annual best intelligent terminal (hardware) solution award of the year YunOS intelligent terminal (hardware) solution award as an important part of this session of the general assembly, 2016 Chinese mobile phone design and Application Innovation Contest for the national assembly of the mobile phone product design, many excellent terminal solutions, intelligent hardware innovation and application of mobile phone and other innovative works. The combination of the previous Chinese mobile phone design and creating innovation contest experience, the basic elements of the entries selected product program works in accordance with the "innovation, human nature, professional, forward-looking, commercial" five on the selection of candidate products. Lasted 4 months, named China mobile phone design innovation award Swan award and individual awards, YunOS won the annual best intelligent terminal (hardware) solution award. YunOS to do all things Internet infrastructure YunOS is developed by Alibaba group based on cloud computing, data and service oriented Internet of things operating system. It has high compatibility and extensibility, has been widely used in various IoT devices, including smart mobile phone, Internet, Internet TV, smart cars, smart wearable Home Furnishing and other intelligent terminal, and chip and sensor. YunOS has advanced technology and innovative features to support HTML5 ecology and innovative Web services, enhanced cloud service capabilities, with a one-stop data platform and multi tier security framework. YunOS realizes the interconnection of all things through trusted sensing, reliable connection, distributed computing and efficient flow of services. At the end of May 2016, a total of more than 70 million YunOS intelligent mobile phone activation, intelligent terminal breakthrough one hundred million. Certificate: YunOS won best intelligent terminal (hardware) solution award YunOS partners work together to push the industry innovation award trophies and certificates this week innovation to innovation as the focus of transformation focused banner, upgrade industry, promote the innovation and development of Chinese terminal and the mobile Internet industry. The YunOS is also committed to the combination of data and computing for the smart industry product innovation, industrial innovation, marketing innovation, service model innovation and innovation platform. Manufacturing and service innovation of the next wave of energy has come, China, China "wisdom" all over the world, the Internet has leveled the world, YunOS will become an important partner of the world energy service.相关的主题文章: