Zhang Yuancong crude interval battle game gold decline eased rebound ca1871

Zhang Yuancong: long and short game gold interval crude oil decline eased rebound client view the latest quotes in a little earlier, the Fed’s FOMC2018 ticket commission, Atlanta Fed President Lockhart delivered a speech, but the market will be more hawkish speech interpretation, Lockhart’s speech is not difficult to see that he is about America’s economic growth and employment the situation to maintain confidence, but inflation is still in the doldrums, Fed officials are all around the past one hurdle, Lockhart seems inclined to support this year in an interest rate increase, but declined to comment on whether the Fed may raise interest rates in September. In the market worried about the Fed will soon restart the cycle of interest rate on the occasion, fed governor Renard spoke cloth dovish on September to suppress the market interest rate expectations, the dollar index fell under pressure, ease the decline of gold. From a technical point of view, the first signs of stabilization of gold in the 1325-26 line, in the absence of more news stimulation, the day the price of gold will be a shock upward trend in the range of 1325-1340. From September, the Fed’s interest rate decision has officially entered the countdown, the market for interest rate hike is not stop public opinion. Recently, the shock of gold and interest rate hike is inseparable from the remarks, are also up into the interest rate hike, or interest rate hike. The possibility of interest rate hike in September is very low, which is also an important support for the late bullish Zhang Yuancong gold. Spot gold, taking a daily lead long Doji, mentioned in the article on Monday, the weekly closing down the hammer line, rushed down form the lower. From the date line, Star Cross, means that the short-term gold has stabilized signs, but the rebound in space is not great, short-term concern 1335 above the resistance line near the current price of gold in 5 near the average suppressed, near the 1335 resistance is relatively concentrated, once effective breakthrough to see 1338-1340 line. 4 hours on the next day, the gold price in the downward trend along the line after the bottom rebound, strong trend so that the price closed at the top of the short-term moving average, to maintain the Bollinger Bands opening downwards, MACD Sicha momentum decay completely, the stochastic indicator MACD rise, 4 hours on the day gold in 1325-26 line to stabilize higher, it will form a double bottom support. Overall, the price of gold to hold 1325 rebound, high-altitude location in the 1338-40 line, in the range of days to maintain high sell low residue. Gold is part of a single point: 1, step back to 1327-28, stop 4 points, target 13352, above the 1338-40 short, stop 4 points, target 1330, 1325 Renard’s speech basically dispel the market for short-term interest rates the Fed’s fantasy, the weakening dollar and U.S. stocks rebound in oil prices will rebound, in one fell swoop recovered lost days. Connection events two days of the oil, dizzy head, first OPEC monthly report released, so that oil prices after the unilateral drop resistance; after the Fed governor dovish stance biased, the rate hike is expected to cool the pressure on the dollar, to boost oil prices. Oil is currently trading near $45.9, hovering between 45.5-46.5. Although the OPEC monthly report on Saudi production.相关的主题文章: