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Zhangjiajie municipal 53 administrators to be appointed the selection before the public announcement of the 53 [Abstract] Zhangjiajie municipal management cadres before any publicity, relates to the Municipal People’s Congress, municipal CPPCC, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal development and Reform Commission and other units. Do you know any? A detailed list of > > original title: Zhangjiajie municipal management cadres before any public announcement to strengthen the supervision on the selection and appointment of cadres, to improve the accuracy of recognition and appointment of cadres, the candidates of the 53 Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee decided to (in alphabetical order) in the pre publicity welcome to the cadres and the masses and report the situation and the problems of publicity objects ideological style, moral quality, work ability, honest and diligent, etc.. Informants can report by letter or telephone to report to report to the person face to face. In order to facilitate the understanding of the situation, please sign or tell me the real name and work unit. The reported problems must be true and accurate, as far as possible the specific details of the content, and as far as possible to provide clues to the investigation and verification. Prohibited the opportunity to slander and false accusation series. Informants will be subject to strict protection. Time: November 14, 2016 to November 18th acceptance report report accepting unit: Municipal Organization Department cadre supervision department, reporting center (municipal office building room 5007) special report Tel: 0744-1238018574412380 (only accept messages) post encoding: 427000 set up a complaint mailbox building hall office building municipal Party Committee Organization Department of CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee (Zhangjiajie, November 13, 2016 Video: Zhangjiajie daily) recommended snow beauty let us forget to click into the 2016 Hunan education survey questionnaire, fill in the sweep as well as Iphone7, apple-watch and QQ doll, custom U disk and other hundreds of trench ceremony waiting for you! Don’t take them home soon? For him ~ ~ (big Xiangjun secretly tell you, the probability of winning the super high!)相关的主题文章: