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ZTE released M-ICT2.0    VOICE five defines the future strategic direction, people.com.cn communication channel, people.com.cn today, ZTE officially released M-ICT2.0 white paper, this is the company confirmed the evolution of M-ICT industry trend in M-ICT version 1, further defined five strategic directions for the future. ZTE believes that the trend of the M-ICT in the big industry, the next few years, the Internet of things, the pan in intelligence, combined with the actual situation will be everywhere, the deployment of cloud services, open sharing has become a trend. Major changes are embodied in five directions: virtual Virtuality, open Openness, intelligent Intelligence, Cloudification cloud and Internet of Everything all interconnected, summed up as VOICE, they constitute the core elements of digital transformation, collaboration and excitation, will push the formation with demand as the center, technology support, with the business model three-in-one driven new business paradigm. ZTE believes that the company has to deepen the M-ICT strategy, and thus gradually sketched out the company’s investment, research and development, market focus, the formation of a roadmap for the future development. Specifically, in the virtual direction, ZTE will focus on video and VR AR and other core technologies and applications, relying on the company’s past in the deep accumulation of cloud pipe end of each link, from the operator end to end video programs, multimedia chip, video conferencing, cloud VR AR, a new generation of intelligent fusion point terminal and typical application of a breakthrough. In the open direction, ZTE will focus on open source, ecosystem, shared economy, to carry out the three reconstruction: R & D model reconstruction, industrial restructuring, the value of network reconfiguration. Open source, open source community key chip focus on the operator field, the field of ICT infrastructure, three major areas, including OPNFV, OpenDaylight, Open-O, OSM, OpenStack, Ceph, Linaro etc., actively participate in contribution; the industrial chain, focusing terminal, smart city, networking and other three key areas, strengthen the ecological circle construction; sharing economy, good enablers and exploration operations, focusing on expanding the network, sharing the wisdom of the city, the Internet and other areas of energy. In the intelligent direction, ZTE will be in force from four aspects: basic intelligence, the chip and the OS module and the core competence of focusing intelligent processing, strengthen good "core"; computing intelligence, around the operators, the wisdom of the city, finance and other key application scenarios, strengthen the big data platform, distributed database application so, big data alive; perceived intelligence, together with machine vision, Natural Language Processing intelligent perception technology, promote the intelligent integrated floor plan in the intelligent operation and maintenance, security, intelligent customer service and other areas; cognitive intelligence, strengthen cooperation to accumulate cognitive platform operation ability, create new value for customers." In the cloud direction, ZTE believes that cloud computing相关的主题文章: